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Home Again Christmas

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Home Again Christmas is a tribute to those brave men & women across the globe proudly serving in our military sacrificing so that we may all have the freedom and ability to spend these holidays with our loved ones. Music is by Bryan Adams and we in the MDG would like to extend a thank you to Bryan as well as to Tish Shenanigator Kelley for video production.

So.....on behalf of the MDG, Tish & Bryan Adams, to all of our proud service men & women, we thank you!!

Please take the time to "Like" Bryan Adams on Facebook as well as a thank you for his providing the music for the video!!

Year: 2013
Director: Tish Kelley
Language: English
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1 Tish • 10:36 PM, 2013-12-25 [Entry]
Thank You for sharing this video with everyone. Means the world to not only myself but to Bryan Abrams and all the military families that were not able to have their boots home this Christmas. 

Tish #TeamBA