MDG Global is the charitable side of the M.D.G.

We have said time and time again that the MDG is not just about music but rather a lifestyle. A global family.

Music has brought us all together and many of us have agreed that music IS life. We joke. We laugh. We cry with one another but time after time everlasting, we are there for one another.

SuperStorm Sandy struck the East Coast of the United States and the Tri-State area in particular causing billions in damages. The MDG family came together. We held a benefit concert where the MDG Global charitable efforts first began. 100% of the proceeds. Not profits but 100% of every penny collected went directly to the victims of the storm and that is how it has been ever since with anything that we have ever done as it should be. We carry one another when someone needs assistance. It's the right thing to do. It's the human thing to do. MUSIC IS LIFE. IT'S WHY WE HAVE HEARTBEATS.








We'd also like to thank Anchor Down Tattoo of Syracuse, Indiana for graciously providing their business as another drop off / collection point for anyone that wishes to make a donation to the Help The Homeless Project!

Anchor Down Tattoo is located at:
706 S. Huntington St.
Syracuse, Indiana
(574) 457-4829


Stop in while you're there to drop off some goods to help the homeless, thank them & mention the MDG while checking out the awesome ink work they do!!
Also, you can check them out on Facebook at: