Our own Midwest Region Manager James Roe recently sat with Zach Myers of Shinedown & Ingram Hill's Justin Moore Saturday night April 26th at The Machine Shop in Flint, Michigan. Check out the video interview and delve into their musical minds.



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This is a friendly reminder from the MDG for anyone that bought tickets to shows at PNC Arts Center in Holmdel or the now Susquehanna Bank Center in Camden from 2003-2011 from Livenation.com, you have only a few days left to file your claim for (3) free lawn tickets (good for 4 yrs) & a $5 stand voucher through the live nation settlement site. The court granted approval for the settlement on March 28th.

If you have a PIN that was mailed to you, you have until April 30 to file your claim. It you don't have a PIN, you'll be required to name what band you saw in what month & year.


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While New Jersey is STILL feeling the effects of Superstorm Sandy as well as Seaside's continued recovery efforts from a massive fire that enveloped more than 20+ blocks of boardwalk, the rock community is stepping up once again to prove that we ARE Jersey Strong and that no matter what life may try to throw at us or place in our way, together, we shall overcome.

So, with that being said, the weekend of May 16-18 there will be a lot of great bands, vendors, etc heading "Down The Shore" (if you don't understand that, then you're not from Jersey) and welcoming the warm weather back after a brutal winter. During this festival, we've got two of the MDG's own Seventh Tower & Statik Silence prepared to take the stage on Saturday, May 17, 2014 in Seaside Heights, NJ for the Jersey Shore Festival!

Get this........the ... Read more »

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Okay all of you music lovers and workout warriors out there. You all know that the MDG is not only about music and that we also do benefits and other charitable works. Well.....in just under 4 weeks, we'll be teaming up with David Marin from Statik Silence in order to benefit Special Olympics.

On Sunday, April 27th at 8:45 am, Team 101 will be beginning the Lincoln Tunnel Challenge 5K. This is a run/walk/race to raise as much money and awareness for NJ Special Olympics that starts on the New Jersey side of the Lincoln Tunnel, goes to the New York side and then back to the New Jersey side to reach the finish line.

Here is where you come in........we've got a goal set of $2500.

We need people to either register to walk or run with us under the team name 101 for the 8:45 start time

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Recently our own James Roe had the opportunity to spend some time with Like A Storm to get into the minds behind the Storm that has been overtaking global airwaves and absolutely killing various charts.

Check out the interview here or download the interview audio itself via the link provided below.



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"This Cemetery, My Kingdom” by Coffin Dust (PA)

The dudes in Coffin Dust are based out of areas in and around West Philadelphia. This section of town has been generating much attention in the world of underground heavy music. Crust, grind & power violence reigns here, and for my money, these guys are a stand out. They blend together much of what I appreciate in heavy music’s past with a twist that makes them unique all on their own. And with their first full length finally released, entitled "This Cemetery, My Kingdom”, it brings together about 3 years of limited releases & new material together for a bone crushing 50+ minute grave robbing session.

After the instrumental opener, the gates crack open and the g ... Read more »

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From Louisville, KY we bring you bring you new tracks from FLAW.

Chris Volz - Vocals
Lance Arny - Guitar
Ryan Jurhs - Bass
Chris Ballinger - Drums
Jason Daunt - Guitar


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In the inaugural MDG "Vinterview", Jose Urquiza & Dex Digga from Three Years Hollow take our Mid-West Representative James on a Chemical Ride after their show in Illinois.

Get into the heads of the front-men for one of the hottest new bands in
the industry as they gear up for their inaugural tour after getting
signed. Very much deserved. They've got a couple EP's out but they
recently signed with a label and are proud members of the MDG

MDG Supports 3YH. Check the video for answers to the questions you normally would not hear.

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Ive listened to Chaos Theory by the band "Like a Storm" and here is my review of the album:

1. Six Feet Under: This sound in this song reminds me of Breaking Benjamin. There are great guitar riffs throughout the entire song.

2. Never Surrender: Listening to this song, I realized that my foot was stomping to it and I was trying to sing-a-long to the words.

3. Gansters Paradise: I know this song, well I heard it before because this is a remake of Coolio's cover song. They did it their version much better with the hard rock sound netting into it.

4. Breakfree: As I listenend to this song, I noticed a much more slower melody to it. I always say, a band that can alternative music from fast hard rock to a slower version is a great band in my book.

5. Love the Way you Hate Me: I have to say, this was my favorite song because it was sung 3rd person and the lyrics "You say Im insane, I say you're ... Read more »

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Are you ready for the first MDG Productions music release?

That's right.
Coming soon is the debut from MDG Productions with original music from (but not limited to)

  • Statik Silence
  • Message From Venus
  • Dead Fish Handshake
  • Jaded Past
  • Like a Storm
  • Ben Draiman,
  • Grant Wisowaty,
  • ... Read more »
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