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Metallica have recently been talking up their track "Lords of Summer"  that they so desperately want fans to throng to their shows to hear. Well.....I can tell you as I have been for the better part of the last 26+ years. Save your money!!

The sound Metallica now produces has taken them from their high point in the 80's as Kings of Metal to the present Lords of Bullshit!!!

This seems to be a track that is completely broken pieces of material that they just threw together and went for an old Iron Maiden of 25-30 years ago feel, but failed miserably. Metallica are nothing more than has-been empty shells of their former selves. Poor Cliff Burton must be spinning in his gave with a palmslap to the forehead wondering how they (James, Lars & Kirk) have seemed to have completely forgotten a bit of music theory that Cliff taught them. It seems that Newsted was smart and got out when he did as he must have heard the ludicrous sound the rest of the band formerly known as M ... Read more »
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