As everyone can tell by now, I have once again updated the look of the site.

I had been receiving some feedback that the old look was a bit plain, so I figured it was time to play with it a little bit.

I'm okay with the current design, but not altogether satisfied with it so there's a decent chance of it changing once again in the near future. Not a big deal as I've already begun the coding of the site to get it really where I want it to be. This is more of a temporary update as there are items not here that I definitely want included and there are some things included now that are undoubtedly going to be removed.

You can definitely count on the items on the sides to change and I will also be including a direct link to our weekly radio show "MDG All Access Pass" hosted by our own James Roe & Linda J Murnane.

Everyone needs to tune in on a weekly basis. Monday evenings from 8-10PM EST at

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Well all.......It's after 11PM on a Saturday night and what am I doing? Working on this site once again to make more improvments that will continue to bring all of you an introduction to some very talented individuals and bands that you may not have ever heard of before.

While I may be the HAIC or Head Asshole In Charge as I'm affectionately referred to, I'm the asshole that will always stand by a hard working dedicated musician or group of musicians as we are all just one big family in the longrun.

Whether it's rock, hip hop, metal, country or pop, the MDG can help you.

So......with that being said, I'm currently coding the site to include streaming music of these artists for you to hear possibly for the first time or allowing you to hear maybe one of your favorite unsigned bands. Who knows right? thing you can be sure'll never hear any music here that sucks.

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