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Urilia: The Adversarial Light Review


Urilia "The Adversarial Light" Review

I had the opportunity to listen to Urilia's new EP "The Adversarial Light." The entire album is undeniably wicked good. The first song is instrumental and reminded me of a song you would hear in a horror film. Remember the 1999 movie Dogma? I can defiantly hear this album playing throughout that movie. 
Urilia has their own unique sound, their heavy metal blending European and American metal. I myself am not a huge heavy metal fan, but listening to Urilia makes me reevaluate my taste for heavy metal music. I'd buy their album in a heart beat. If you haven't heard of Urilia, you are missing out on some wicked music. Theirs will hypnotize you, leaving you wanting more. 
-Lyss Marie
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