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Treason This - Always Perfect
Review of TT - Always Perfect
Genre: indie pop/punk
I recently had the opportunity to listen to this album. I wasn't sure what to expect  , but I was pleasantly surprised.
The entire album was very poetic from start to finish. After each song , I couldn't wait to hear more. That rarely happens these days.
This seven song album was very genuine and filled with emotion. Maybe inspired by a bad relationship? Who knows , but every song gives you something that you can relate to. My personal favorite is "I Hate You Please Die". As if the title wasn't great enough , the lyrics reminded me of my last relationship and made me want to listen to it over and over again.
"The Dangers in Shades and Lines" is another personal favorite. The entire band is on point, and the lyrics flow so freely. It is very refreshing to hear music that isn't forced or thrown together haphazardly just to put out an album. Nothing here seemed forced or like they were trying too hard to sound good. It was very genuine and sincere. There were times while listening to this record that I was reminded of other musicians that I am more familiar with - but that just proves that this album is going to be competiton.
I wish this album had more songs , or that the songs were a little longer. I found it very enjoyable to listen and can't wait to hear more of what these guys have to offer. I would give Always Perfect 4.5 of 5 stars. Give it a listen , you won't be disappointed.
Shannon Geczik
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