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The Soul Shakers

I had the opportunity to speak with The Soul Shakers lead vocalist Brett Hellings as he was kind enough to take time out of his schedule for an exclusive with MDG Global to give us some insight into what makes the Soul Shakers shake so to speak.

I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised with how easily it seemed as if we knew each other for years with how the entire conversation just flowed from beginning to end. It turns out that Brett actually lived local to me when he was younger but just on the other side of the bridge in the West Chester / Chester, PA area.

Needless to say we got lost talking about the Jersey Shore, the beach in Rehoboth, DE and of course how there is nothing that compares to a Jersey Girl (My words…not Brett’s ladies). The first round is on me when we bring them to town. More on that in a bit because you can count on seeing them in the area soon.

I had to ask about the recording process of the yet to be released album as these guys are from L.A., have moved to Nashville, TN where they currently reside, but have made the decision to travel over 820 mils to the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania to Soundmine Recording Studios to record their debut LP.

That’s right…….I said LP. While many new bands like to play it safe with self produced records and release an EP, these artists are dedicated to their music and themselves. But not only this, but they are dedicated to their fans and the genre of rock n roll so they have made the decision to provide all of us with a full length LP to enjoy.

By now you’re likely curious about this LP as the guys are already nominated for an award with only a single released.

Since the debut of the video, The Soul Shakers have created so much buzz, they are already up for their first award BEFORE they release their debut album!

Voting is still open so feel free to head over to http://www.barebonesent.com/2016-barebones-awards

Vote for The Soul Shakers under the BEST UP & COMING BAND OF THE YEAR.

Only two of the band members identities are even known at this juncture. Would you like to know who else is on the album? I wanted to know so I asked.

I can’t disclose on which songs as of yet but, there are special guest musicians including:
Bill Van Vleet – Drums
Thomas Banks – Bass
Schlay Shoates – Guitar

Other players include:
Ricky Dover Jr – Guitar
Tobin Dale – Guitar
Chuck Treece – Drums

Elias Reidy also played Guitar, Bass, BGV’s, etc on this album so there is just a little taste of just how extensive this musical treat will be.

By way of typical interviews, I threw that typical script out the window so if you’re expecting a typical question an answer type of transcript, forget it. I can and will tell you that Brett Hellings and the Soul Shakers are just what the rock genre need. A band that is not in it for the money although I’m sure it would be nice for them to make a profit while they enjoy the ride. These guys are in this for the love of the music and because like you and me, they live and breathe music.

If you have not seen the video for Here to Have a Good Time, I seriously suggest you watch it as soon as you finish reading this review. I’ll be giving you an opportunity soon. I promise.

If you behave, I may even be able to give you the opportunity to meet Brett and Big E in person. Maybe at the legendary Stone Pony that Brett is already not only familiar with but is already fond of, but I believe we can not only get them booked there and sell it out, but I’m thinking more along the lines of the Starland Ballroom and the larger size venues.

I personally believe that although Brett likes the intimate setting of the mid-range venues, I believe these guys will be playing the larger venues before too long and will be on the larger tours very quickly.

As it is an MDG tradition, I had to inquire what Brett’s dream tour would be if he could have the Soul Shakers join the lineup of still touring bands. Here’s his: Aerosmith, Lenny Kravitz, The Rolling Stones and the Black Crows.

I’m here to tell you that even with hearing only one song thus far, that these guys would not only fit right in, but they would not need be the opening act. If the lineup included all of the above I would have the lineup be as follows with the understanding that the rest of the Soul Shakers album be as good as what I’ve heard thus far: The Black Crows, Lenny Kravitz, Rolling Stones, Soul Shakers, Aerosmith

It’s a toss up between the Shakers and Lenny but I still place the Shakers above the Stones but that’s just my personal opinion. And yes….I do realize how long they’ve been around and that the Stones are Rock Legends. I am no hater of the Rolling Stones. I am just saying these guys are THAT good.

If you needed a comparison of bands how I sometimes do, I would say if Sixx AM, Aerosmith and the Rolling Stones had a baby, it would be the Soul Shakers. Essentially, if you took the vocal power of Sixx AM and Aerosmith and then mixed the bluesy rock stylings of Aerosmith and the Stones, then you’ve got the Soul Shakers.

So, if you want a good time with good music, I seriously suggest that you look for this band when they release their debut album in January of 2017.


Check out our video for their single "Here to Have a Good Time" 


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