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The ReAktion - Selknam

Artist: The ReAktion
Album: Selknam
Released on: Mainia Recordings
Genre: Alternative Rock

The ReAktion is a South American alternative rock/electronica band from Santiago, Chile. Formed in 2010, the band develops a unique sound based on elements of rock, metal, and electronic music.
Conceptually, The ReAktion deals with subjects such as social movements, environmental awareness, and unity, in an attempt to bring a revolution of consciousness to the world. 
Twelve tracks of nothing but awesome on their album, Selknam. I personally can't wait to download it on October 21, 2015 when it's released. There is something for everyone on this album. 
It's motivating, it's soul-searching, it's dark, it's light, it's come in and prepare for your mind to be blown on every level. Get connected people, get connected with The ReAktion, right fucking now!
The album is loaded with great metal, rock, and electronic music. The vocals are incredible, passionate, powerful, and pure. I love everything about this album in case you couldn't tell. It truly is so well done. 
Stand out tracks: These will vary with individuals, based on what they are experiencing within their own lives at present but these are some of my favorites. 
I Am Somebody- I really dig the electronica on this track. 
Thousands Of Memories and Kryptonite To Hold Us Back- are both, equally, hauntingly beautiful.
The Network-Dark, mysterious, very cool vibe within this song, great mix.
Cycles and Shapes and Synchro are the two songs I connected with the most through the music and the lyrics. 
I hope to see The ReAktion live sometime soon. These guy's are incredible!

- Julie Cady
Check out their video for Synchro:
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