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The Ivory - Gloom

Artist: The Ivory
EP: Gloom
Genre: Pop, Alternative

A one man band, made up by Shane Crump. At least, that is what I can come up with via the internet. I've said it over and over and I will say it again, Help me, to help you. If you want me to review your music effectively, give me every source you can that let's me know who you are as an artist. Please, don't list a website on your facebook page that takes me to Itunes to download your music. If I were searching for new artists and stumbled upon your page, I would make my way to somewhere else, away from you, based on that one detail. I am not nit-picking but this is becoming an epidemic that needs to end. 
The EP is emotional, real, and heartfelt. Shane has a unique voice that is captivating. I find it a rare talent when an artist can emote so much emotion through their voice. It's doesn't happen often and I was surprised. You get a thumbs up for that. The music is more Pop than any other genre but Shane's voice gives it an alternative feel. Something else I wasn't expecting. 
Pop really isn't my music of choice but I'd buy it for Shane's voice alone. That is what sold me on the EP. 
Stand out tracks: Be Young, Be free, I'm A Mess
-Julie Cady
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