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The Apprehended Release "Can We Just Speak" Music Video

Can We Just Speak Final

Beaufort, South Carolina - South Carolina post hardcore band, The Apprehended have released a brand new music video titled, "Can We Just Speak." The video was directed by Matt Snow of The Apprehended and Josh Bowman, which showcases the creative storyline that goes with the track. This is the band's first single since their 2013 EP release "Defining Home" which can be streamed and purchased https://go.madmimi.com/redirects/1430935312-f174dc8a3d887adf3da928c355413fd6-da15d77?pa=30125207391.

The Apprehended take the technicality of modern progressive metal, mix it in with the anger and aggression from metalcore, add a dash of chaos, and a healthy helping of big anthemic, sing-along choruses and mix them together. Lyrics derived from every day scenarios with hardship between friends and pursuing your dreams to an elaborate conceptualized world created by the vocalist, Michael Pitt, are staples within The Apprehended’s material. Glimpses into the inner psyche of building and destroying friendships riddle the lyrical content along with musings into the pursuit of your dreams and not letting any one or any thing stand in the way of what you cherish and hold dear to your heart as a path to follow. Alongside this is the graphic imagined world of two best friends lost in the wilderness left to grow and fend for themselves through the harshest of winters imaginable. The hardships they face help to shape these two and lead them down paths they wish not to follow at times in order to survive the harsh, cold of winter in the valley. The elaborate concept The Apprehended has created retains an underlying theme of the necessity of hard work, dedication, and perseverance in the world of a band trying to make a way for themselves in the wilderness of the music industry.

The Apprehended strive to make forward moving music with nods toward traditional styles within their genre. Honest lyrics with powerful instrumentation drive this band to the edge of chaos and back. With a live show that has been described as volatile, venomous, and chaotic The Apprehended’s stage show is not one to be missed.

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