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Tater Reviews Coffin Dust


"This Cemetery, My Kingdom” by Coffin Dust (PA)

The dudes in Coffin Dust are based out of areas in and around West Philadelphia. This section of town has been generating much attention in the world of underground heavy music. Crust, grind & power violence reigns here, and for my money, these guys are a stand out. They blend together much of what I appreciate in heavy music’s past with a twist that makes them unique all on their own. And with their first full length finally released, entitled "This Cemetery, My Kingdom”, it brings together about 3 years of limited releases & new material together for a bone crushing 50+ minute grave robbing session.

After the instrumental opener, the gates crack open and the gas pedal is seldom released. The production is raw, not overly polished as you find with most major releases. One instrument doesn’t overpower another, a testament to guys like Chris Grigg (from black metal outfit ‘Woe’) who recorded the album. There is audible, crunchy bass, aggressive drumming & twin guitars that have a tone that weaves in the filth throughout. Vocals pay homage to early years of extreme metal. Immediately Carcass, Exhumed & ‘Scream Bloody Gore’ era Death come to mind. Death metal, grind, crossover, crust & gore-obsessed.

If you are a fan of extreme music, this will be a true diamond in the rough, or Grime & Slime. All the gore, violence you can handle. Stream the album for free on their official Band Camp. Crush the skull, snort the Dust ~~~

SCORE: 8.0 OUT OF 10

STAND OUT TRACKS: Ancient Rites of Buried Evil, Coffin Dust & The Portal in the Crystal Casket.

FREE STREAM: http://coffindust.bandcamp.com/album/this-cemetery-my-kingdom

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Killer Review!