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SuperBob "Killer" Album Review - MDG All Access Pass Appearance TONIGHT


Super Bob
Album: Killer
Genre: Rock, Rap, Crunk, Crossover
Release Date: 3/3/2015

From the Album opener, Capt Crunch, I couldn't stop listening to it. A brain numbing Album full of power and pure, raw, in your face music. 
On some tracks the studio muscle silences the guitars but it is done so well that you want to throw yourself into the mosh pit and never
fucking stop!
In the heart of the album, in my opinion, there is some serious musical genius. 
"Savior", for the hard guitar.
"Preacher", has a hard edge and soft cuts together. It blends so well that I'm sure it will bring all fan types together. 
"Butter Face", for it's lyrical humor. 
"New Shit", you better get your dance moves together because you won't be able to sit still. Ravers will rejoice, this ones for you!
I'd grab a copy of "Killer" now and trust me, you won't be disappointed. It is by far my favorite Album by Super Bob to date. If you have the
chance to see them live I would not hesitate. Although most, I'm sure, would not survive a show with this new music.
The complete LP is a slap to the face and you better wake the fuck up! Super Bob demands attention and don't you forget it! 
Stand out Tracks: ALL OF THEM (I've never said that before)

-Julie Cady


*****EXTRA BONUS******
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