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STATIK SILENCE will leave you wanting more....
These guys have put together an album for tastes of all genres of Rock. For example, the opening riffs of "Love and War" briefly evokes of early Punk and quickly dives into a not unpleasant head banging beat. In contrast is the acoustic guitar intro of "Sing to the World", which then again moves into a slower yet still deliberate, driving beat. "Killer Instinct" reminded me of Godsmack, but I felt like the song was maybe building up to a climax that is never fully achieved. Lyrically, it is probably my favorite of all five tracks. However, the sweetest little surprise for me was "When It's Over". David Marin's clear and steady vocals take on a slightly raspy sound and the piano solo is absolutely brilliant. "Beneath the Skin" was also a favorite. While not a ballad, it's the most gentle song and probably, in my opinion, the song that would appeal to most anyone.

I'm thrilled that this little gem was introduced to me! Marin's tone is absolutely perfect and I found that I liked the balance of guitar and drums. Everything is layered beautifully. I cannot wait to hear more from these guys! Keep doing what you're doing, boys.

-Amber Taft-

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1 Roscoe • 2:32 PM, 2013-11-26 [Entry]
Awesome Review Amber! 
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