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Show Review: Wayland
Artist: Wayland WSG The New Breed Band
Location: The Outskirts Macomb IL

Ever have one of those concert night's you'd like to go back to?

That was my thought writing this.

The night started with drinks and dinner at the venue, The Outskirts. I've been there several times and always have a good time. Great food, atmosphere, and people.
Opening for Wayland was The New Breed Band out of Burlington, Iowa. These boys, Nick Fry-Vocals/Guitar, Jacob Claeys-Lead Guitar/Vocals, Sammy Craig-Bass, and Alex Sink-Drums brought their A game. They bring a coolness, like a sweet breeze to some old classics, such as, Crossroads, Purple Haze/Hey Joe, Sunshine Of Your Love, and Fortunate Son. I wasn't expecting Folsom Prison Blues and it had a funky, bluesy, metal vibe to it. I dig these boy's out of Iowa. I hope to catch them again soon.
Wayland opens with Welcome To My Head, genius. It's a welcome, come in, relax, let us tell you our story...

I've been to several Wayland shows, each time I go, it feels as if I'm seeing them for the very first time. I'm always amazed by their unrelenting energy and their interaction with the crowd. Somewhere in the middle of the show I always get caught up in taking photos. Snapping away through, Fire Down Below, Shopping For A Savior, On My Knees, Bloody Sunrise, and That's Life. It gives me a different perspective. I experience something other then just the show. It becomes more personal, more emotional, more intimate for me looking through the lense. 

When they start playing Nobody's Perfect the crowd goes wild. Followed by a Led Zeppelin cover of Whole Lotta Love that is absolutely insane to witness live and thank God I recorded their performance of it at The Outskirts because they were on fire! Closing the show out with Get A Little and Reno you are left breathless and wanting them to never stop playing. To all the Wayland Warriors out there Get A Little! To Wayland, never stop what you are doing. I'm a fan for life.

Review and photos by:
Julie Cady
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