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REVIEW: 1 Echo 1, Everlit, Shallow Side, Pages & Poets - Bullshooters - 2-25-2015

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Date - Wednesday February 25th

Venue - Bullshooters Saloon
Philadelphia, PA
Pages & Poets
This band hails from Baltimore, Maryland and they are a 5 piece energetic band who displayed great stage presence and music abilities.  They currently have a 5 song EP released which they performed to its' entirety.  They are a very humble band who offers the EP at whatever prices you think is fair.  The lead singer - Chris is actually from the Philadelphia area.  Crowd work was great as they connected to everyone in front of the stage and those far away sitting at the bar.  I look forward to seeing them on March 8th at The Legendary Dobbs in Philadelphia
Shallow Side
I've been following and promoting this band from Alabama since October of 2010.  Shallow Side was the featured band of the evening.  They have a couple EP's available and they've been touring almost non-stop.  This band is well disciplined and they put on a great stage show.  The show started off with a slow tempo and eventually took the venue full speed ahead and even included a cover of One Republic's "Love Runs Out".  At one point during a folk song "Way Faring Stranger" - the entire band stopped and only the singer with no microphone sang a couple lines which was not only a way of engaging the crowd in front of the stage and bringing them closer to the band but he was loud, clear, and unprocessed.  A very humbling and telling moment where you know there is no doubt this guy can sing his heart out.  The band moved around a lot and connected with the fans at every possible opportunity.  I am a bigger fan having finally witnessed a Shallow Side show.  They hung out all night and took photos and signed autographs for anyone interested.  
This band is formerly known as WillPowerLess and based on a small lineup change and a re-branding effort they are now and going forward known as Everlit.  This was technically their first show as Everlit and I found them to be heavier and more technical.  Brothers Ryan (Vocals) and Jordan (Bass) took their creativity to the next level.  It's hard to really gauge their new vs old material since it hasn't been released and I only remember them mentioning a couple Everlit Original Songs before they were played.  They have new material which they are dropping a single this Thursday 3/5 for free to introduce/re-introduce themselves to the world.  As WillPowerLess they toured the US with their friends Prospect Hill and built a large following.  They are itching to get back on tour with their re-branded effort and i'm sure they will be releasing details in the very near future.  
Web site - http://www.1echo1.com/ 
 I didn't stay long enough to see this band but I believe George did see them and I did hear positive feedback from others who stayed to see the band.  They are produced by John Moyer (Bassist from Disturbed, Union Underground, The Foundry, Adrenaline Mob)

-Ellis L.
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