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Phosphene Riot


Phosphene's second full length album had me curious. Conceptual based and self-titled. While writing, they felt all songs had one common theme...humanity. When I read "concept" and "humanity"  I prepared myself for everything and that is exactly what I got.
This album has it all. If you listen to it from beginning to end you will go through so many emotions that you almost feel dizzy at the end. It took me a few minutes to process all the different emotion's going on inside of myself and inside the music. While it may just come off as Rock/Pop Metal album there is more depth musically, which gives way to punk rock and even hip hop. If you're looking for a solid power rock ballad this album has it. Dance track? Look no further. Maybe you just want to rock out and forget about your day. It's covered. One track on this album, The Day After Tomorrow, threw me. Only because I didn't expect it. It is by far my favorite track on the album and I wanted more tracks like this one. Did they accomplish their concept? Humanity, I believe they did and I'd pay money to experience it again.
Stand out tracks: Lock Me Away, RIOT, The Day After Tomorrow, Warrior, and Skyfall.
Over-all album rating: 3

Individual song ratings:
     Anti-Hero: 2
     Antidote:  2
     Hold On:  3
     Indestructible: 2
     Lock Me Away: 5
     Mechanical Heart: 3
     Michael: 3
     RIOT: 4
     Scream: 3
     The Day After Tomorrow: 5
     Warrior: 4
     Skyfall: 4
             -Julie Cady


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