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New Theory Dark Days


From their humble beginnings in Fort Monmout, NJ back in 2004, New Theory had a desire and intention to bring a heavy melodic sound to the music industry. Steven's vocals are equally powerful and compelling. Karl provides driving rhythms while meshing perfecly with Sean's ultra-intense bass lines while Tom's drumming only goes to further prove why he has been nominated for drummer of the year. (2014 Asbury Music Awards)

This band continues to maintain a groove made up of odd time signatures that would have the listener believing they're listening to an odd love child of A Perfect Circle, Tool, Staind, Rush, Creed and even Alice In Chains as they are taken on a journey through space and time.


New Theory each bring the individual qualities and the aboslute best out of each other when they come together to make a sound all their own. I could go on naming countless bands that I hear influences from that many would think nearly impossible to combine, but New Theory have proven that nothing is impossible with music that comes from within. If you do not understand that last statement, then you never will. New Theory provide art in its purest form as the music does not come from any of their brains but rather flows through their veins and ultimately the lifeblood that is their work ultimately ends up on an album.

I personally have never been a big fan of bands such as Tool, but I could listen to New Theory over and over again whether it be something from their first releases (self titled in 2005 & Premonition in 2008) or Dark Days here in 2014.


I cannot pick a single track from the album to tell you is a must listen because this entire album is a must listen. When I say you will get lost in the music, I am not pulling punches or kidding you. Whether you are someone who likes to kick back in a room with soft light glowing from a lava lamp while you escape the doldrums of reality with a little assistance from a little piece of paper with some magic juice on it that will help visualize your musical journey or a businessman in a few thousand dollar suit on that is stifling you and you need something to help soothe you after a hard day on the stock market or in the office, Dark Days is the answer. This album transcends any and all lines be it gender, race, creed or finacial status. Everyone has had Dark Days in their lives and has survived various struggles.

New Theory help you to not only survive but to grab life by the horns and let the pain, anger or anguish all just wash away in the surf that is time and spacial reality.
The entire album will take you on a journey of emotions from filled with inner torment to calm and cool as you will come out the end with a feeling of peace and understanding if you were to only close your eyes and let the music wash over your very soul.


If you have the courage to go on a musical journey that will transcend a musical universe, I implore you, join me on this travel through Dark Days.

I've been lucky enough to have the opportunity to get with Sean to allow all of you to get to know New Theory.

DB: Give me a little history behind New Theory. Where are you from?
SM: When we started New Theory all four of us lived in Monmouth county NJ. Tommy (drummer) and I used to be in a hard core band as kids. The band was Age9 and we played shows with bands like Biohazard, Dog Eat dog, Fury of 5 and Human Remains at venues such as Studio 1, Lamour in Brooklyn, Fast Lanes in Asbury park etc... Karl and Steve were in a band called Room 2. They played with Quiet Riot and Sponge. Traveled to Kentucky for Jazzfest. Both bands eventually broke up. I was working with Steve's (singer) brother Mark and he said me him and Karl (guitarist) should get together. We did. Went really good and we needed a drummer. I wasn't sure if Tommy would be receptive to playing in a band again but he wanted to write music with me again. (We had a falling out and didn't speak for a few years... But we patched and forgave etc).

DB: You're obviously a very talented group. How long have you been playing? What kind of equipment do you use?
SM: New Theory formed in 2004 as In Theory but we had to change the name because a band already had that name. 
I use Schecter 5 string bass with Ampeg SvtIII modded head with Mesa Boogie powerhouse 1000 cab. I have a pedal board full of bass fx also.
Karl uses PRS guitar with Mesa Triple Rec head and Deizel Custom Cab. 
Tommy uses Yamaha birch drums and Sabian cymbals.
And Steve has a mic.... Lol! And a vocal for fx.

DB: What is the meaning behind the name New Theory?  
SM: We feel our songs are kind of progressive rock. So we wanted to make the music progressive in our time signatures but maintain a groove and have good melody and good harmonies. Kind of a New Theory on musical writing and ideas.
DB:How would you classify your style?
SM: We are definitely Progressive Rock.
DB: Who/what have been your musical inspirations?
SM: Our musical inspirations are to just get our songs out to the masses because we feel that it would take defiantly hold. Esp with the state of rock at this point.... Rock music needs a New Theory!
DB: For those that may be unfamiliar with New Theory, other than the new release Dark Days, do you have any other EP's or albums?
SM: We have 4 albums. 
Self titled
Third World Prison 
(and our newest album)
Dark Days
DB: What is your favorite song to perform and why?
SM: Our favorite to play would probably be Prodigal Son. It's off of our 1st album and has been ayes the most of all our songs. We recorded a remake on Third World Prison where we jammed the intro and middle and added rhythms in the middle. We recorded it in one take in the studio (we were under the gun!!! So it's raw and intense!)
DB: Important question here..........what do you want your listeners to get from your music?
SM: Wwe want people to relate to the songs/lyrics... Our songs are about an array of different life events... Losing a loved one (Fathom) Depression (Fade Away) even inside the mind of an adulterer (No Regard)  or the breaking point of someone that's about to lose their mind (Lost). 

DB: What are your goals in the music industry?
SM: Our goals are to be signed to a record label and be able to make enough to tour and make more music.

DB: What's upcoming or what's next for New Theory?
SM: We are working with Jason Fairbairn on a new Album at this time. We also may record a single with JD from Black Label Society. He has a home studio and we've talked about recording a single there. 
Then more shows shows shows!!!

DB: Any plans to tour soon and if so, where/when? We'd definitely love to cover some shows and I'm sure the fans are dying to see you guys live again.
SM: We have stayed relatively local (some shows in Ny, PA and Philly) we try to get on bigger shows at Starlandballroom or the Stone Pony.

DB: Okay.....one last question and I'll let you out from under the spotlight that is the hotseat......as a followup to that last one, who would you love to tour with if givent he opportunity?
SM: We would be a great fit to tour with Staind or 10 Years or Karnivool...
Thank you for the opportunity and exposure my friend! 

****As a sidenote, I am happy to report that Sean has informed me that New Theory have just been picked up by Zenergy entertainment. Managment and A&R company. Congratulations guys!! Very well deserved!!!


New Theory are:
Tom Fitzgibbon - Drums / backing vocals
Sean Murray - Bass / backing vocals
Steven Miller - Vocals
Karl Myiow - Rythm Guitar / backing vocals



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