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MDG GTK Series: Mellowtoy



Give me a little history behind MellowToy. Where are you from?
Hey guys, we are a six piece rock/metal band from Milan, Italy and we love to bring our music all around the world.


You're obviously a very talented group. How long have you been playing? What kind of equipment do you use?
We were born in 2004 and after many line up and style changes we're still here doin our things. Right now we're using most of all PRS and ESP guitars and we're endorsed by D'Addario strings then Evans, Ufip, Promark for the drum kit.


What is the meaning behind the name MellowToy? 
There is a very funny story. One day some of us were so wasted while playing with a toy... some robot I think. Somebody had the brilliant idea to give the toy some vodka to drink... and the toy suffered a kind of little explosion inside. Everyone were laughing so much calling it "mellow" haha...crazy stories from youth.

How would you classify your style? 
We hate to put labels on our kind of music. I think we simply play some good rock/metal, tryin to put every kind of sound that we like.


Who/what are your musical inspirations?
Too many. All of us love listen to different kind of music... from pop to death metal.
I personally grew up with some classics like Queen and Pink Floyd, but we play a more modern style that could be compared with bands like Slipknot, Korn, Machine Head, Soilwork... all bands that we love so much.


Have you released any EP's/albums?
We released 4 albums. The first one is a self-titled album from 2004, then the second release is called "Nobody Gets Out Alive". After that and many line up changes, we released "Pure Sins" in 2010. The new chapter is called "Lies", released on January this year.


What is your favorite song to perform/play and why? 
It's "Visions" from our last album "Lies". I love the way I've found to sing it. Some screams mixed with suffering melodies and rough notes. It's a very hard song too but I feel shivers down all my body every time I sing it on stage.


What do you want people to get from your music? 
We want that people can say: "Hey I hate this style, but the band is great!" haha... that's the greatest feedback we could receive, from somebody that doesen't listen to metal but that can easily admit that the band kicks ass!

All we want to give to the listeners are emotions and headbang!


What are your goals in the Music Industry? 
We never think something like "I do music for success and money", otherwise we immediately stopped to play rock hahaha. We do it for passion and dedication. It's simply what we like to do and it gives us deep emotions. Our goals is simply to keep this thing alive, having fun doin' this and see some beautiful faces at our shows.


What is coming up in the near future for MellowToy?
Tours, tours and tours. We want to bring our music everywhere we can. We love this new album and we believe that people could love it so much.
We're gettin awesome feedback from all around the world, so give us a chance and we'll destroy every place we'll reach.


Any plans to tour anytime soon and if so, when/where? We'd certainly love to cover any shows as well as just to see you live.
Right now we touring Italy as much as we can, then we're working to tour Europe and UK after summer. Hopefully we'll come in America too. It's a kind of dream for us.


To follow up on the last question, who would you love to tour with if you had the opportunity?
Definitely with the best band of the world right now: Slipknot.

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