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MDG GTK Series - 6 Prong Paw

The MDG GTK Series Returns.............


Recently our own James Roe spent some time getting some insights from Nick Williams, the singer for 6 Prong Paw. Let's check out what James found out for us.........

6 Prong Paw




JR:  Give me a little history behind 6 Prong Paw. Where are you from? How did you meet? How long have you been together?
NW: We from the small town of Hastings Michigan which is south of Grand Rapids and about 2hrs east of Detroit and has a population of about 8000. We all have been friends for a long time. We all went to the same high school and grew up on metal and rock of the 90's and 2000's. Dustin (guitar) and I  (Nick Williams-singer) started the band in 1998 when we were kids. Back then I actually player guitar and sang and Dustin played Bass. Even though he has always been a guitar player really. We have been through a few line up changes. Chad Rabideau (bass) has actually been in the band twice, before securing a position in 2008. Josh Moore (drums) was added in 2003 after returning from a European tour with former black metal band Summon. The newest member is Seth Earl (Lead Guitar). Seth joined in January 2014 and helped write the new album Mapping the Void. I really feel comfortable and at easy with the line up now. It took over 10yrs but I really feel like everyone feels confideant with their roll in the band. I have always had my doubts or insecurities about X members of the band, which is probably why they still aren't with us. I feel really lucky at this point with the band. That's the hardest thing about being a band is remaining a band. 
JR:  What is the meaning behind the name 6 Prong Paw?
NW: Well non of us actually came up with the name...lol. A former member of the band that was on work release at the dog pound came up with it. I went to visit him there and he cleaning shit out of cages and he had a dog in there that still had it's dewclaw named 6 Prong Paw.  A dewclaw is basically a 6th claw some animal are born with. Some people believe that is should be removed because they think it's unnessary and can cause harm to the animal or other animals or people. We all kinda of thought it was a great name to represent a band like us who does not conform to rules in music and society. We are such a widely influanced and out spoken band we liked what it meant to us. Some people think we kinda stole it from the band "Prong" but they had really nothing to do with it. I actually came across a band online not to long ago a called "6 Prong Claw"...lol. We actually formed way before them so I am not worried about it. We have been on the internet sense it began so we will never change our name because of the presence we have established. I encourage the readers to google "6 Prong Paw". There is a lot of stuff out there floating around about us. I even seen one of our Cd's on ebay for $15 and I'm not sure why. I am sure no one will buy it. LOL...no one buys music anymore anyway.
JR:  How would you classify your style?
NW: Versatile Metal, Eclectic Metal, Nondenominational Metal....LOL. METAL! We bring a lot of different elements into our metal songs. We defiantly do not limit our song writing. We like unique SONGS! So I really feel we write unique songs that aren't for everyone and maybe aren't the "latest thing".
JR:  Who are your musical inspirations?
NW: Well I can speak for everyone else but for me personally, I like: Acid Bath, Morphine, NOFX, Every Time I Die, The Beastie Boys, The Sword, Witchcraft, Guns N' Roses, Igor Stravinsky, old Metallica, Alice in Chains, Tool, Cannibal Corpse, Ministry, Deranged, Mastodon, Pantera, Deftones, Slipknot, Rammstein,  Boregore.....

JR:  Have you released any albums or EP's?
NW: We have officially 5 releases. 4 of which you can buy.
2003 self titled EP 
2006 Victim of Mainstream America
2013 Auditive Levitation
2015 Mapping the Void
You can buy hard copies and digital downloads of all these at our website www.6prong.com or other download variety stores that don't really need advertising. You if your up for buying music still, you can buy them cheaper on our website then anywhere else.
JR: What is your favorite song to perform and why?
NW: Well new songs always replace old songs because they are fresh. But the best thing about singing older songs is that the lyrics have become second nature and when you perform them you think about the lyrical feeling they give you rather then trying to remember the actual lyrics which happens with newer ones...lol. But I would have to say "The 1%" is the my favorite one to perform cause its new and the lyrics have be come second nature and I love the message. It's fun to get into and it provokes the audience. The beginning lyric sample is actually a Muslim chant that I sampled awhile back and lot of people think I actually sing it but i don't.... its a sample. I have always loved foreign singing which usually includes lots of dissonent notes in it. I am glad I have a open minded band that allowed me to add that in. I actually think some Muslims could be offended by it cause I think it might be religious or something. Plus I cut in all up in editing to make it fit better and they are the only ones that would be able to know.  
JR:  What do you want people to get from your music?
NW: A unique experiance and a need to come see us live! That's where shit gets real, fun, offensive, political and energetic. That's when you can gain something that no else has and become a part of what we do and why play music. Come have some drink with us and escape reality and the world.  
JR:  What are your goals in the Music Industry?
NW: Our goals are to bring something to the table in terms of longevity and originality. We want to create music that is timeless in the Industry. We want to destroy corporate manufactured bands who are listening to everyone else but themselves with hopes of make more money then everyone else. We would love to make a living playing music which is very hard now days but is still possible. It's just become more of a independent world of music revolutionaries. The Music Industry really reflects the way our great country is ran now. There is a whole bunch of overly wealthy people controlling people as puppets and that shit isn't right! You don't use people as tools. I think people are starting to wake up to that. Cheers to those labels and bands who are already aware of the epidemic and are doing something about!
JR: What bands do you hope to tour with in the future?
NW: Well I could list a bunch that we don't want tour with cause we would probably get drunk and kick their ass so I wont go there....lol. 
I would personally like to tour with Battlecross, Mastodon, a band that isn't up tight and knows how to have fun on the road. Oh yeah Every time I die would be awesome I think we would get along with those guys really well. 
JR:  What is coming up in the near future for 6 Prong Paw?
NW: Tour and then tour and then tour and then tour some more. Then record another disc and tour some more. 
But yes we are doing a tristate, east coast tour starting May 29th in Chicago or Indiana, I can't remember which one. Can't wait I really want to get onto the east coast there are some sick clubs over that way. 
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