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Mass Hypnosis Releases Official Music Video "Codex Alimentarius"‏

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Mass Hypnosis Releases Official Music Video "Codex Alimentarius"


Zagreb, Croatia - Mass Hypnosis has released a music video for their track "Codex Alimentarius" bringing attention to the corrupt pay for sickness profit corporations of the world.

Check Out Mass Hypnosis' "Codex Alimentarius" Below:


Mass Hypnosis - "Codex Alimentarius"

You probably never heard about the place where this guy is coming from, and is really doesn't matter. If that place is dark, cold and vicious like their music, would you want to go there? -L


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About Mass Hypnosis:

Mass Hypnosis is the best kept secret of the South East European underground music scene. Hailing from Zagreb, the capital of Croatia this 3-piece Industrial/Groove Metal outfit is aggressively forging their path to world domination. Mass Hypnosis is known for using sociopolitical lyrics and subjects like modern-age slavery, conspiracy facts, media manipulation, religion and war. Developing their sound even more into dark and cold direction they shifted towards industrial metal using heavy distortion, electronics, pounding bass riffs and fast-paced, aggressive vocals. Their new full length album ''Sanctimonious'' demonstrates where Mass Hypnosis is heading. This is the new industrial revolution!

L - Throath / Strings

Kodin - Keyboards / Samples

Ela - Bass / Throath

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