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Live Stream Event - NONPOINT - August 6, 2016

Coming off of record sales and landing them #2 on the charts, NONPOINT continue to rock the road and since they know that not everyone can always make it to a show, they're bringing the show to you!!!

That's right........Saturday August 6, 2016, not only are Nonpoint, Failure Anthem and Through Fire performing live in Arlington Heights, IL, but they are also offering you to have the same concert experience from the comfort of your home, the beach or wherever you have a device with a screen and an active internet connection.

But...........you're not only getting the most comfortable seat in the house without having to pay crazy parking prices ranging from $25-$50, but you're getting an Insider's view backstage, live chats with the bands and more....

What do I mean there's more? Well......since those of that will be streaming won't have the merch table in front of us and many of us always like to grab the latest gear or merch from our favorite bands at a show, you're not going to be left out there either as you will also have the chance to win some band merch during the evening. 

*More on merch below*


So, by now you're thinking to yourself, what's the catch?? There's no way that they're going to do all of this and not cost me an arm and/or a leg. Well.......the cost of going to the show, for an average person would be $100 for the ticket itself as you know you want pit access, I'll split the difference in parking costs and ballpark it at $30, now add the $70 you'll easily spend at the merch tables and another $20 for 2 beers (if you're lucky). So there's an average cost of $220 per person.........

Sounds expensive by this point doesn't it?

Well.....to hell with that price tag because you're going to get access beginning at 7pm and staying throughout the evening for a mere $3.99.

That's right...........a lousy 4 bucks. You'd pay more than that in tolls heading to a show in most cases. Let me repeat.....3 Bands full sets, exclusive backstage access, live chat with the bands and chances to win some merch? For $3.99? It's worth the $3.99 just for even a chance to win some Nonpoint merch wouldn't you agree? I thought you would. So, stop reading and start clicking to reserve your spot now!

So now that I've got your attention.............here's how to get in and get your chance to score some band merch!! simply click on the link below to be taken to MyLiveTicket.TV and get your virtual concert ticket while you can.


*As promised, if you want more than just a chance to win some merch, you can also purchase a Nonpoint bundle from the site.*


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