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Like Tyrants Despicable Feelings Review


Like Tyrants – Despicable Feelings

(4 song EP) Review


This 4 song EP by Like Tyrants, first of all, was masterfully recorded. The mix is nice and tight, with superb balance in the equalization department. Even if modern rock/hardcore with a splash of emo isn’t your thing, the music is enjoyable based on the sugary sweet production alone. The song-writing sits in a nice comfort zone of not too much and not too little, full of catchy beats and playful use of space.

The first song, Leach starts out with a nice “airy” feeling that builds into a heavy sounding lead into the song. It’s sort of reminiscent of a Temple of the Dog kind of feel. The guitar and drums are incredibly catchy, inducing some always appreciated head-nodding. The vocals convey some good emotion without being over-the-top, hitting some tastefully gritty spots when needed.

The next track, Lost My Keys, has an interesting upbeat feel, in contrast to the emotionally dark lyrical content. The vocals have a double-dose of emo that shines through a little more than on the other songs. I especially liked the snare work about 75% of the way through the song, which leads to the heaviest part.

The third song, Jealousy, has a fantastic intro that reminded me of a late-80s radio pop (the good kind,) then busts into a nice groove to drive home the overall feel of the track. There are some great heavy, screaming-type vocals once the ball gets rolling. They really accentuate the lyrics in a nice way. I, personally, love it when you can get a good sense of how the singer must have felt when they sang the words, like in this instance.

The last song, Ranch Wilder, was like the morning after a wild night of drinking. Not necessarily a hangover; more like an oscillating wave of emotions and reflections. You get this sense of mild lashing out, but also an enduring feeling of acceptance of things that can’t be changed. There are some really nice blends of sing-songy and heavy vocals that drive this feeling home.

To sum things up, I have to say that Like Tyrants adds more texture to their songs than most bands in their genre. Traces of classic rock and pop peek through here and there in delightful ways, mixing with catchy beats and emotionally charged vocals. Subjectively, I would have loved to hear just a touch more heavy moments in the music, but that doesn’t take anything away from what they’ve accomplished. I would definitely recommend this album to other music lovers, and would pay a cover to see them perform live. I give the EP a 4 out of 5 star rating. This is your friendly, neighborhood Hanzo. Share the love, love the music.

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