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Karissa Pasquarella - My Mind Put Into Songs
Karissa Pasquarella | My Mind Put Into Songs
Karissa Pasquarella
My Mind Put Into Songs
The first track on this debut ep gave me such a guilt trip. That may have been the plan. Titled "How Am I Supposed To Be Positve (When Nobody Else Is)", it poses a great question. Her major musical influence is Avril Lavigne. Right. Not only does she attempt to copy her, the first three chords of the song immediately put you in mind of "Photograph", Avril's hubby's song.
The second track is to be the single. "Nonetheless Perfect" really sounds like the song before it and the ones to follow. All are filled with teenage angst and the same pitchy slurring of words pronounced incorrectly. Alanis Morrisette does a clever thing with the syllables of words. You can still decipher the words, though. Karissa is trying to be clever, but with just acoustic arrangements that make you beg for a piano or violin to please be allowed to join her, it's all too bare, making it sound more like an impediment. 
The highlight was the final track. "Poison", which did incorporate some other instruments and was a nice departure from the previous songs. Upbeat. Showing vocal range. I would have liked to see it pick back up at the end one more time, but at least there was some diversity.
The Pasquarella family will definitely want to pick this up. Other artists may want to consider some of these lyrics. "Insecurity" could be a great cover.

Mary Deckard
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