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Infidel - Self Titled

Exclusive: Stream Infidel’s Self-Titled EP In Full


Artist: Infidel
EP: Infidel
Genre: Hardcore Punk
Label: Imminence Records

Infidel formed out of Detroit's hardcore history is a four piece band featuring a Navy veteran as lead vocalist. They have quite the statement. Y'all are pissed off and I love it! I connected with every song on this EP. It's political, it's in your face, it's uplifting, it's we've had ENOUGH! Where the hell have you been hiding all my life Infidel?! Finally a band with enough balls to stand up and say, "This shit isn't right!"
The music is just as great. Raw, explosive, and innovative. Simply put, one of the best hardcore punk bands I've heard in a very long time. Every song will motivate you, make you feel something. I felt like I could accomplish anything after my first listen to the EP. 
I will most certainly be downloading it when it is released on June 23, 2015 and look forward to your LP next year. 
Stand out tracks: Patriotism Under Fire, What We're Made Of, What Happened. 
Julie Cady
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