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Hollywood Undead - Day of the Dead Review



Artist: Hollywood Undead

Album: Day Of The Dead

Interscope Records

Release Date: 3/31/2015

Genre: Hip Hop/Industrial Metal/Rock


It's always a challenge writing a album review for an artist I have never heard before. I'm not ashamed to admit, I've never heard of Hollywood Undead. It does have it's advantages, mostly, there is no bias for their music. I'm a Hollywood Undead virgin and I'm going in blind...


The first track, Usual Suspects, is full of industrial funk and straight in your face Rap. Hard hitting and yes, I lost my mind. Describing some of the band's favorite past-times. 


How We Roll is my personal favorite track on the album. It's heavy but has a sweet, smooth groove as well. Rap and lyrical all rolled into one. We're just hanging out in the street and checking shit out. 


Day of the Dead, “We wanted to get that one just right,” recalls Charlie Scene. “The melody and chorus actually hit me when I was taking a piss in the studio—that’s when all of my best ideas usually happen. I ran it by the fellas, and the song was finished within hours. It describes Hollywood Undead and our music. It’s got the vibe, creepiness, and heaviness. It’s an anthem for us and the fans.”

“It’s definitely a call-to-arms,” agrees Johnny 3 Tears. “This is an aggressive track with a lot of depth. It encapsulates what we feel like being members of Hollywood Undead, and it communicates that feeling to fans so they can be more a part of it. Beauty often comes from ugliness, and we pull this anthem out of darkness. This is geared to everyone who lives, eats, sleeps, and breathes Hollywood Undead.”


War Child is a hip hop/rap track that's just a fun party song with very high energy.


Dark Places, The eerie music box opening gave me chills. Another favorite track on the LP. Lyrically tongue twisting and I feel an old school rap, with just a touch of new genius. 


Gravity A standout electronic punk track. J-Dog, “We wanted to write a rock song, and there was this concept of gravity. It’s something that holds you down. We talked about reminiscing on the past and how people can get stuck on that. That’s what the song discusses.”


Stand out tracks: Usual Suspects, How We Roll, Day Of The Dead, War Child, Dark Places, Save Me. 


It really is a great album. Innovative and full of every type of music you would need for your different moods. The album plays s bit long, with 15 tracks, but the music is never repetitive, nor trite. Hollywood Undead, I'm a new fan. You sold me with the album's opener. I'm downloading this album as soon as it's available and I will be ready to get my fuckin' fade on :)


-Julie Cady

  MDG Reviewer

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