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Hellyeah, Sekond Skyn, Like A Storm, Devour the Day

Hellyeah with Sekond Skyn , Like a Storm and Devour the Day


Starland Ballroom -  Sayreville , NJ  3/1/2015



Due to inclement weather I arrived late and missed Sekind Skyn. The people who did catch them gave good reviews. Anyone else who missed the opening act can see them this Satruday at the Saint in Asbury Park , NJ



The second band to play was Like A Storm. I've heard a few of their songs before , mostly from posts by our very own George Polyak's posts in MDG. I had no idea they were from New Zealand - until they spoke. Their thick New Zealand  accents and the singer coming onstage with a digeridoo definitely peaked my interest. They began to play and I immediately understood what all the hype is about. They are fun , energetic , and really interact with their audience. They weren't as heavy as the other bands that night , but they definitely put on a great show. Not only did I enjoy their original music , I loved the way they put a totally unique twist on Coolio's "Gangsters Paradise" and AC/DC's "TNT". This was one of the first times I was actually impressed by covers.


Up next was Devour The Day from Memphis , TN

To be honest when they first came out I thought I was going to be very disappointed. The band members seemed like they were having a contest to see who could say "Fuck" the most. Their first song was about "Respect" and I felt they were trying a little too hard to be like Pantera. As they continued to play , they sounded more original and weren't bad at all. My point is - just be yourselves , it looks and sounds much better that way. 



And then there's Hellyeah. I saw them a few years back , again at Starland , opening up for Buckcherry. I had no idea who they were at the time , but I was instantly hooked after that night. I was glad to see that they were headlining this time. Although there were a few changes with the lineup , they put on another amazing show. Chad Gray is an awesome front man. His high energy did not let up for a second. And then of course there's everyone's favorite -  Vinnie Paul... By this time a lot more people had shown up and by the end of the night the entire audience was singing along , banging their heads and surfing the crowd. Chad spoke to the audience and let them know how appreciative they are of their fans. Vinnie spoke about Dimebag and there was a feeling of unity among everyone there. For a minute , I forgot there was a terrible ice storm outside and that I had to be in work in a few short hours. It's a shame too -  had it not been a shitty , snowy Sunday night I think attendance would have been much higher. But I'm not complaining , I liked the intimacy of this show way more than I would had it been standing room only. I hope Hellyeah returns to Jersey again in the near future.


Thanks for reading!  - Shannon

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