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Half Hearted Release Finding Light EP

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artford, Connecticut - Dynamic Rock/Metal band Half Hearted have released their highly anticipated Finding Light EP.

Finding Light is a new chapter for Half Hearted. This EP demonstrates all of our different influences into songs that sound different from the over-saturated genres of today's music. We believe these songs reflect a sound that is easily distinguishable as 'Half Hearted', and we are proud of each and every song. - Marty Marion/Guitar


About Half Hearted:

From Hartford, Connecticut, Half Hearted is a musical act that displays multiple aspects of music from different genres in one unique, hard-hitting act that musicians strive to be known for. Half Hearted debuted their first single, "Remember the Monsters" featuring Spencer Charnas from Ice Nine Kills, in July 2014. After receiving consistent positive responses, Half Hearted released a second single titled "Break Deep" in September 2014. Because of the positive response for the first two singles, Sarah Akomanyi of alt sounds.com featured an interview discussing the band and the feedback of "Remember the Monsters" and "Break Deep". Half Hearted's first single has been featured in Highlight Magazine and on BryanStars.com, and "Break Deep" and "Paper Street" have been featured on BryanStars promotional channel. Half Hearted released their third single, "Paper Street" in February 2015, which has received many positive responses and is currently their top seller on online retailers

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