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Go Fight - Napalm Baby Album Review


Artist:  Go Fight

Album:   Napalm Baby

Genre:   Industrial

Release Date:   April 10, 2015


As the first song started playing   Sundown   I thought to myself this really isn’t my type of music.  I am more the throw the rock horns up in the air and bang my head till I have whiplash.   By the second song   DreamKiller   I was hooked.  I had the speakers on the computer as high as I could get them to go.   I should also mention by the time   Rocket   started playing I was in full dance mode.   One can’t help but want to get up and shake a little something.  The beat just takes over and makes you want to move.

Once I got all the dancing out of my system I sat back and listened to the album a second time.  This time eyes closed and really taking it in and letting my imagination go wild with it.  I could really see some of these songs playing in the background of a movie with a dance club scene or a really good underground party like   Turn it Up.  Not sure if that was what the artist was going for but that is what came to mind.

When listening to this album I feel the need to rent an old empty warehouse get some great lighting and some good alcohol and a few hundred friends and PARTY!!!!!!!

Do I have a favorite song? Yes,   I would have to say that song would be   Make some Noise

Go Fight   has opened my ears and my mind to listen to a type of music genre that I thought I would never listen to and to them I say thank you.

Is this an album I would love to have in my collection?  Yes

Is this an album I would tell my friends about?  Yes

Really give this group and album a try you won’t be disappointed.


Denise Gunzl




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