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Get To Know Seldom Told

“GET TO KNOW” Series



Here is the first band featured in MDG’s “Get To Know” Series.






1. Give us the history behind SELDOM TOLD. Where are you from? How did you meet? How long have you been together?

Seldom Told began at North Judson San Pierre High School in Indiana. Our school thought it would be great for the students to add a class called "garage band." Basically, you go to class and play your instrument for an hour a few days a week and then put on a few concerts for the school. There were several different bands in the class and Austin (guitarist) and Kyle (drummer) started playing music together. They wanted to play a song featuring a female lead and sought me (Mira) out. After our school show we felt like rock stars and I stuck around a while until they fired me for being a girl. It just wasn't cool to have a chick singer. So I went my own way and they went theirs and had several musicians come and go. About 5 years later I was playing in Chicago when Kyle contacted me saying their singer got fired for being stupid at a show and they needed a fill in until they found a new singer. After our first show back together we knew this was the new lineup for ST. Our bassist quit shortly after and we met Ryan Greer (bassist). He was dealing with the emotional stress of his band breaking up and didn't want to join another band. We begged him to just sit in a practice. He finally decided to sit in one day and we have all been inseparable ever since. 



2. What is the meaning behind the name SELDOM TOLD?

Austin started the band out of his garage. After our first high school show we decided it was time to name this beast. We left practice and all went home to think of names to come up with by our next practice. Kyle and I had weird names that weren't really supported by any meaning and Austin had Seldom Told. His reasoning was that as he was growing up, everyone kept a lot of important information away from him. He found out his brother was adopted by plundering through old stuff in the attic. He also, found out his mom was previously married after he was already in his teens. He had no clue and felt out of the loop. As the baby of his family, he was kind of kept shut out of things and he was Seldom Told anything unless he found it out himself and sought an answer. It just fit at the time. We listened to him talk about the meaning behind the name and we thought ok, it makes sense. Better than having a name like "Orange or Cats Ass." 



3. How would you classify your style?


We think that we have a style that is very unique. But that's every musician. After every show, we hear something along the lines of Lzzy Hale from Halestorm as the sound coming from the front woman. The guys from Seldom Told have their own style grown from bands like Alter Bridge who have inspired them.












4. Who are your musical inspirations?


Our music roots go so far back that some of the inspirations really don't make sense but they are part of what created us.

Mira (Martina Mcbride, Lzzy Hale, Italian opera singers, Haley Williams, Faith Hill, and my mother who taught me to sing)

Austin (Alter Bridge, Mark Tremonti, Van Halen, Ozzy, Metallica)

Kyle (This boy has a little bit of everything from every genre)

Greer (Alter Bridge, Tupac, Tremonti, and many more)



5. Have you released any albums or EP's?


We released our first EP titled "...in the In between" last year and didn't have the time to finish the Album "Nightmare" before we left for tour. We wrapped it up how it was with only 6 songs and hit the road.



6. What is your favorite song to perform and why?


I think we all would agree that the majority of our original music is where it's at. But the one song that sticks out above the others is the song, "Nightmare" there's just something about it.



7. What do you want people to get from your music?


Inspiration, motivation, to be able to have a song written by us that helps fuel whatever emotion they experience, hate, love, hurt, anger, or uplifting. 

We want people to see the talent and the work put into it. Listen to the lyrics and know that it wasn't written by someone else. Our songs have meaning and bulk to them, unlike many songs nowadays being performed by the pop culture. We want our fans to hear the story behind the riffs, drums and vocals. To feel it.




8. What are your goals in the Music Industry?


That's tough. Many would expect an answer like, "fame and fortune" which are great and all but highly unrealistic if you aren't 15 or writing something ridiculously annoying that everyone wants to murder you for. Our goal is to be seen by as many people as we can so we can one day do this for a living. One day we hope to be playing a show every other night in different areas. 



9. What bands do you hope to tour with in the future?


It would be amazing to catch a tour with Halestorm or Alterbridge. But there are so many great musicians out there that don't have a huge name attached. They are dedicated and driven. GOOD musicians. 



10. What is coming up in the near future for SELDOM TOLD?


 We have several shows lined up that we are very excited about. we will be playing in Pittsburgh, PA for a rock and roll festival called Rock for Hope in September. We also have a few other benefit shows with great local artists such as South of Sorrow and All My Sins Remembered.

And it's looking like things may not be over just yet with us and Saving Abel ;) 


Check-Out SELDOM TOLD at the links below and grab their single "Nightmare" below.



(Right click and Select Save Link As to Download or just click the link for a standalone player)








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