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For the first international band to be featured in the GTK series, we could think of no one better than the trio from London...............DIE SO FLUID.



Give me a little history behind FLUID. Where are you from? How did you meet? How long have you been together?
We’re basically from London although Al is the only ‘true’ Londoner. I moved there from Kent, and now live in Los Angeles, and Drew grew up in Jamaica! Drew, my guitar player, and I were in a band together previously and we introduced Al on drums at the tail end of that band’s existence. We saw him perform at shows with his previous band and loved his playing. He joined us at a point of transformation when we were exploring and improving elements of the music we were making. We realised we wanted to become a three piece and hone our sound to what it has now become in Die So Fluid.
What is the meaning behind the name DIE SO FLUID?
It’s gibberish haha. Not really but it’s the result of a drunken evening stringing phrases together and this one sounded like an inscription under a coat of arms, to us it means create something of worth and beauty to leave behind as your legacy.
How would you classify your style?
We are essentially a rock band that has an individual take on creating fresh sounds. We draw on metal, post punk and even a touch of grunge to write our strongly melodic material. We’re always trying to push ourselves and experiment with adding instrumentation and dabbling in elements of many genres. Sami Bashai the world class Anglo-Egyptian violinist played some stunning strings on several tracks on our latest album. We’ve also used cello, piano, mandolin and hammond organ on previous recordings, whatever the song demands really. I draw the line at the tambourine though.
Who are your musical inspirations?
There are so many but collectively we’re Deftones fans, Sound Garden, Rush and A Perfect Circle. I listen to music ranging from Debussy, Billie Holiday and Jeff Buckley to Depeche Mode, Sabbath, Opeth and Mastodon. Al is a big Who fan and Drew likes She Wants Revenge, Arcade Fire and weird electro new wave and postpunk quirky stuff.
Have you released any albums or EP's?
We have four albums. ‘Spawn Of Dysfunction’, ‘Not Everybody Gets A Happy Ending’, The World Is Too Big For One Lifetime’ and the new album is called The Opposites Of Light.
(2005)                                              (2008)                               (2010)                                 (2014)                                             (EP)
What is your favorite song to perform and why?
I do enjoy performing Black Blizzard, it’s a track from the new album that we made an epic video for. It’s very grand and majestic and has a special atmosphere. We’ve just started adding Sami’s strings to it on backing track live and it works great. It has a powerful message delivered with drama so I get a kick out of it.
What do you want people to get from your music?
We’re pretty maverick thinkers and don’t believe in reactionary rules,  I hope that shows in the music so that it’s inspiring and excites the human spirit. That and also that it totally rocks.
What are your goals in the Music Industry?
We want to do more work in the US and have just begun doing publicity based here. The reception has been amazing! We currently have label interest and we would love the opportunity to reach all our potential fans around the world we’re still yet to meet.
What bands do you hope to tour with in the future?
I wanna tour with Deftones! But honestly there are so many bands we could tour with quite happily, we toured with Mindless Self Indulgence which was very successful, we’d do that again. Coal Chamber would be fun-I’m good friends with Nadja. Wednesday 13, Killing Joke, Alice Cooper, Opeth….. bring it on!
What is coming up in the near future for DIE SO FLUID?
We have a new video coming out- ‘Landslides’. (now released) I directed it and I can’t wait to share it with our fans. We’re about to do a tour in Finland starting September 3. We really enjoy playing there. It brings out the pagan in us haha. Then we intend to tour in the US starting November, and we’ll be giving our new album The Opposites Of Light an official US based campaign to coincide. See you on the road!

Current Tour dates:
3- Yo-Talo Tampere
4- Henry’s Pub, Kuopio
5- LeBonk, Helsinki
6- Musta Kynnys, Jyväskylä
7-Torvi, Lahti
Courtesy of Bloody Disgusting:

Vocalist/bassist Grog states:

‘Landslides’ is a track from the darker, more introspective side of our new album ‘The Opposites Of Light’. The song is about intense desire and loyalty. The video is an emotional and psychedelic trip into a shamanic desert scene highlighting the dream-time qualities of the song. The lyrics were partly inspired by my fascination with Carlos Castaneda, a kind of cult leader who wrote books about shamanism. Narrated in first person, they have sold millions but some critics say they’re works of fiction. He had three female followers who lived with him, changed their names, and cut off ties to family and the outside world. They mysteriously disappeared after his own death. The remains of one of these women was found in Death Valley near where her abandoned car had been discovered. I directed this video myself and used a Go Pro camera that a very generous Die So Fluid fan gave me. We filmed it at the magical Vasquez Rocks where Star Trek was shot, I’m lucky to live nearby. I just let the ancient land speak to me and the visions flow.


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