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Give me a little history behind DARLING DOWN. Where are you from? How did you meet? How long have you been together?

Darling Down is from Battle Creek MI, the home of Tony the Tiger. Amanda and Ryan met in high school, Amanda and Dustin met in the Air Force, and Jim and Ryan met through mutual friends. The band has technically been together 6 years but that includes a 4 year break, we have just over a year back into it now.




What is the meaning behind the name DARLING DOWN?
One of Ryan's friends was sick and she called while we where in a meeting discussing band names. He said. "Darling why are you so Down?" and then when he hung up we had darling Down.




How would you classify your style?

Rock based but lightly punk influenced with a dash of goth rock (mostly the vocals).





Who are your musical inspirations?

The list is far too vast but it includes the mega greats like the Beatles all the way to local bands that we share the stage with.




Have you released any albums or EP's?

We have released one full length album, self titled, and on July 22nd we will release our second called "Never Tell".



What is your favorite song to perform and why?

We actually play a few cover songs that we've redone and those are pretty fun, it's not expected and it throws the crowd for a loop which we love to see.



What do you want people to get from your music?

We want people to just feel good about listening to it. To feel inspired. And most importantly (especially at a live show) to have a lot of fun!




What are your goals in the Music Industry?

Our goals are very simple. We wish to pay all of our bills with music someday and we are finally at a point where we can see that as a possibility and less of a dream...but not quite there yet.




What bands do you hope to tour with in the future?

We will tour with any hardworking band but first we'd like to do a cross country tour with our friends in Spence, one of the hardest working bands in rock and roll today.




What is coming up in the near future for DARLING DOWN?

The release of the new album and expanding our live show reach. We will expand our touring radius to 500 miles this September and be able to hit markets like St Louis and Nashville.



With their symphonically powerful sound and an arsenal of brand new material, mid-Michigan’s Darling Down is prepared to show the world that they are ready to stake their artistic claim in the territory of modern rock.

The band, an outstanding female fronted four piece, has a synergistic effect among its members: Amanda Legault’s clear, strong vocals that range from powerfully compelling to hauntingly sweet, Dustin Claud’s driving and dynamic guitar riffs, Jim Dokurno’s thunderous bass lines, and Ryan Hudson’s tight musicianship on drums. Committed to lyrically thoughtful and melodically engrossing songwriting with powerful hooks, Darling Down is distinctive in
today’s musical arena. With lyrically relatable songs full of enough edginess, passion and real life to appeal to a wide audience, Darling Down’s songs are catchy, intriguing, and heavy; beautifully sung, constructed and arranged. Sonically driving, with soaring vocals and harmonies, the deep lyrics are sometimes juxtaposed with eerily strong, pretty vocals and heavy guitars, as on their earlier recording, “Revenge is Sweet Like Cherries.”

Fast forward to 2014, Darling Down is not holding anything back with their highly anticipated and absorbing new album, “Never Tell,” produced by the nationally acclaimed producer/engineer/mixer Chuck Alkazian (Soundgarden, Trust Company, Pop Evil) and recorded at Pearl
Sound Studios. “Never Tell,” which was released on 7/22/2014, has already garnered a sizable amount of pre-release industry buzz. A stellar collection of songs, creatively written and with spectacular pieces of orchestration, Darling Down and their producer have
created an album full of great musicianship, mesmerizing rhythms and melodies, and exciting, innovative collaborations with accomplished outside artists. “Never Tell” will feature guest appearances by Clint Lowery of Sevendust, Vinnie Dombrowski of Sponge, Stephen Richards of Taproot, and Brett Hestla of Dark New Day, and reaction to the album during its development
has been explosively positive. “Never Tell” will launch the hard-hitting, intensely memorable “Pressure” as the first single off the album and plans are for the immediate release of a lyric video.

Ramping up for the expansion of their touring in addition to their current live shows on schedule, following the release of “Never Tell” Darling Down will be amplifying their live show radius throughout North America. In recent years, Darling Down has developed a loyal fan base with their passionate music and high energy live performances, and grabbed the attention of audiences throughout the Midwest. The band has performed alongside many notable acts including Theory of a Deadman, Nonpoint, Taproot, Smile Empty Soul, Pop Evil, Red, Ra, Framing Hanley, Saving Abel, Evans Blue, Saliva, Hed PE, Mushoomhead and many more.

Darling Down, fresh off the release of “Never Tell,” will be one to watch as they share their new music and unique show with an even wider scope of music fans throughout the country. Be on the lookout for upcoming tour dates!


Artist Contact Information: Ryan Hudson 517.206.4236
Official website: www.darlingdown.com
Reverbnation: http://www.reverbnation.com/darlingdown
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/darlingdownband



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