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The GTK series continues with another of our favorite female fronted bands rocking the industry. It is with pleasure that we help you get to know................


Give me a little history behind BLAMESHIFT. Where are you from? How did you meet? How long have you been together?
The band started about 7 years ago in Long Island, NY. Tim, my guitarist and our original drummer were looking for a singer to start up a band. They happened to meet my neighbor when they were looking to move into his apartment that he was renting out in the basement. They never ended up getting the apartment but my neighbor ended up telling them about me. I guess you could say the rest is history! Tim and I are the only current original members.
What is the meaning behind the name BLAMESHIFT?
Blameshift is a name we came up with kind of by accident. We had our first show coming up and still couldn't agree upon a name. We decided that since we blame each other for everything, Blameshift would be a very suitable name. As it turns out the word Blameshift is now a commonly used word and is also in the urban dictionary. We like to take some responsibility for that! ;)
How would you classify your style?
I would define our sound as high energy hard rock with some pop tendencies. We don't take ourselves too seriously and we like to have fun with our music. 
Who are your musical inspirations?

Our fans are our biggest musical inspiration. They inspire us every day with their positive feedback and genuine love for what we do! 

As a band we have a lot of different influences and inspirations. For me, I grew up doing musical theater and that had a big part in shaping who I am as a vocalist. As far as bands that have inspired me personally I would have to say Taking Back Sunday, 30 Seconds to Mars, The Used, Thrice, My Chemical Romance and Fall Out Boy..just to name a few. 
Have you released any albums or EP's?

Yes...we have released 2 albums and 2 EP's. Our most recent album was released on November 5th and it's called "Secrets". 

What is your favorite song to perform and why?

I think I can speak on behalf of the whole band when I say that our favorite song to perform live is "Secrets". We added a really fun drum intro which we all take part in before the song starts. It's also just a really high energy song that involves crowd participation and really gets people off their feet. It's a lot of fun live! 




What do you want people to get from your music?
I want people to feel genuine honesty and emotion when they hear our music. As a song writer it is extremely challenging to translate your real life experiences onto paper and then into a song. With our new music, I feet like we were able to lay everything out of the table and it felt so good. I hope that when people listen to it they can take our songs and apply it to their own lives and feel a connection. That's what making music is all about...that personal connection to the listeners. 
What are your goals in the Music Industry?
We want to write the best songs we can write and meet as many people as we can meet. We want to spread our love for music as far as we can and continue to push a positive, inspiring message. 
What bands do you hope to tour with in the future?
We would love to tour with Papa Roach, The Used or Story of the Year. These bands influenced us a great deal and they are so much fun and energetic live...I think it would be an awesome match! 
What is coming up in the near future for BLAMESHIFT?
We are hoping to get back into the studio with our producer, Erik Ron out in L.A. during the winter! We are really excited to get in and record some new tracks! Besides that...just finishing this year off touring our butts off. That's what we know how to do best!




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