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Get to Know AURIN & Get their debut album "Catharsis" Tuesday October 14, 2014!!!!!


When is the last time that you had an album on repeat in your playlist or in your car? If it has bean any amount of time, get ready to do it again. Just make sure to pay attention to where you're going because you will miss your exit as you get lost in the journey you have voluntarily undertaken by pressing play.

There are many celebrities, artists, musicians and bands out today that attempt to send a message regarding various subject matter, but I will tell you here and now that if you don't get the message that Aurin are putting out there, then you are truly not only blind, but deaf as well to what is going on in the world around you.

There are many songs that we all identify with, but how many artists give us an entire album? Have you ever dealt with any form of bullying or mental illness in your life? Most of us have in one form or another.

From the first notes of November through the last breath that is Last Wish, the foursome collectively known as Aurin, from Fairlawn, New Jersey take us on a musical journey that will open our eyes and our hearts to those that are existing in this world barely alive that endure the hysteria that is life each and every day.

On Tuesday, October 14, 2014, we are all in for an experience as we get music with a message. Music from within you very soul that will break the chains that hold us down in our own ways. If you would just give the time to not just hear but actually listen to this album, you will be taken on a journey that is eye awakening. This travel will take you on an emotional roller coaster if you just allow the lifeblood that is music to run through your veins.

Aurin is Linda Medina on Drums while Joe Palamara now brings the bass lines. Andrew Wayne showcases melodic as well as very seasoned guitar skills and Sarah Anderson has beautifully hypnotic vocals. Together, they have been said to have a sound similar to that of Deftones, Stones, A Perfect Circle & as Aurin is fronted by a tremendously talented female lead, Flyleaf and Lacuna Coil. While listening, I can see why some would make such comparisons but I personally feel that Aurin has a sound all their own and that is far from a bad thing.

I would love to give you a track by track review of this album, but I just can't bring myself to do it as I identify personally with too many of the songs. The meaning that each song has for me may very well be different than yours, but  if I were to attempt a track by track review, this review and feature would take days to not only write but would be as thick as a certain over-indulgent horror writer's novel.

I try not to get personal with my reviews of any upcoming releases in order to remain objective, but I have to say that Aurin have given me such a sense of pride not only in the fact that there is still tremendous talent coming out of my home state of New Jersey, but this album has me humbled and eternally grateful that I was given the opportunity to give back to the industry that treated me well while I had my time bringing you my own experiences that had covered everything from undying love to utter torment deep down within my soul by hopefully introducing you to new bands that you may have never heard of before. And if you have, hopefuly, together, we have brought you a deeper understanding and knowledge of the artists featured.

Maybe I'm different from many of you, but I hold onto the hope and the trust that there are many like me, who do not believe in making music simply for profit but to share our experiences with our listeners so that you may feel what we have. Aurin's Catharsis takes me on a journey through time and emotion as will they do the same to you.

Many of you will be left with a sense of wonder, some will come out with the "Holy $#!%" and I can all but guarantee that some women and men alike will be reaching for a tissue to wipe away tears that you had no idea were even flowing until you saw your own reflection. This album honestly and truly IS that powerful.


With that said, I welcome you to get to read on as you are introduced to and Get To Know..........


Give me a little history behind Aurin. Where are you from?


Andrew began Aurin in 2002 with the goal to write music which combined a heavy and emotional hard rock style with beautiful melodies. Since its inception, Aurin has seen a few changes in its original lineup. The current lineup includes our drummer Linda Medina, who Andrew found via a musicians networking website. Me, Aurin’s vocalist, who Andrew found through the recommendation from Eddy at our rehearsal studio, Hellhound Studios, in Rahway, NJ. And, finally, our newest member is our bassist Joe. He has only been in the band a short while, but is a solid bassist and has learned our complicated material with ease. We have great confidence in his future with Aurin and find him to be a great fit with us personality-wise. We are all from northern New Jersey.



You're obviously a very talented group. How long have you been playing? What kind of equipment do you use?


We have all been playing since we were practically children. Music is in our blood. Aurin proudly uses:


Gibson Guitars: http://www.gibson.com/
Digitech: http://www.digitech.com/ -
Steve Clayton USA: http://www.steveclayton.com/ -
Curt Mangan Strings: http://www.curtmangan.com/ -
Lampifier Microphones: http://www.lampifier.com/ -
Ultimate Ears: http://www.ultimateears.com/ -
The Music Zoo: http://www.themusiczoo.com/ -
69 Chosen Clothing: https://www.facebook.com/69chosen -



What is the meaning behind the name Aurin?  


Andrew came up with the name when he started Aurin. Aurin is another name for rosallic acid which is a reddish semi-poisonous dye that is derived from a crystal called phenol. He thought that it had an interesting contrast to it; such as getting something evil through something beautiful. The name stuck and grew close to Andrew so much so that he kept it through all these years.



How would you classify your style?  


We are influenced from all over the map of music from all different genres. Though we have to admit, the grunge, post-grunge, hard rock that came out of the 90’s really spoke to us and inspired us. If we had to put a label on it, I’d say Alternative Metal with hints of progressive, blues, and jazz.



Who/what are your musical inspirations?


Our influences are fairly vast; from classic rock to grunge to post grunge to hard rock/alternative metal to progressive to funk to blues to jazz and even folk. As far as where we get our sound from: Andrew always says he comes from a “play what you feel” mindset. We seem to follow that pretty heavily. If we cannot connect and derive meaning from our own material, we scrap it. There are a number of bands that we love and grew up with that we are sure influenced us, but we try to tune our sound in on how we are feeling at that particular time.


Have you released any EP's/albums? 


We released “The Pre-Inspired Symphony” on 11/11/11 independently. We have “Catharsis” coming out on 10/14 world-wide through Pavement Entertainment / Sony RED / Plastic Head. It can be pre-ordered from retailers such as www.bestbuy.com www.amazon.com www.fye.com www.bn.com etc…




What would you say is your favorite song to perform/play and why?  


It’s hard to pick favorites. But, Andrew and Linda both like “November” live, Sarah and Joe like “Deprivation” live…we believe the energy, response, and the meaning of those songs to us are what causes us to be more attracted to those songs.


What do you want people to get from your music?  


Well our music is comprised of thematic elements that relate strong to mental illness, losing people to mental illness, poverty, bullying, and society’s stigma towards it all. We unfortunately live in a world with not only a broken mental health system, but a broken system in general. We all suffer from something and we are very open about our experiences. If there is one single statement that someone could get from our music is that “you are not alone.”



What are your goals in the Music Industry?  


To take this ride as far as it will allow, and then still continue keep pushing forward. It is a lot of work to say the least. In all honesty though, our main goal would simply be for people to listen. That is all we want out of this. If a person can listen to our music, understand and empathize with what we are saying through not only our lyrics, but the music itself, and pass it on (hopefully in a good way), then that would be the ultimate dream come true.


What is coming up in the near future for Aurin? 


We are booking as many shows as possible and are in currently talks regarding touring.


Any plans to tour anytime soon and if so, when/where? We'd certainly love to cover any shows as well as just to see you live. 


Unfortunately, as tours go, they are in talks and we cannot talk about that at this current time. We do have shows coming up almost every weekend in NJ, NY, PA, and DE so far. We just played with Icon for Hire and Fit for Rivals at Santos Party House in NYC, which was a great experience, and are looking forward to sharing the stage with Nonpoint and Gemini Syndrome at Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ on 11/02/14.


To follow up on the last question, who would you love to tour with if you had the opportunity?


Staind, Cold, Nonpoint, The Birthday Massacre to name a few. Really, any musician that has inspired our hearts and minds really would be an absolute honor.


Although Aurin may not have mentioned it themselves, I personally invite all of you to also join Aurin and I at their album release party on Friday night, October 17th from 6pm - 1am @ Dingbatz located at 620 Van Houten Ave in Clifton, NJ. Only $4.99 admission for a night of great music and a gathering of friends.
For tickets, go to:
Full event details also found at:


If you can't make that show, be sure to check out their events pages for more shows and also get to the Starland Ballroom on November 2, 2014 as Aurin will take the stage once more along with a few other MDG affiliated bands in Three Years Hollow, Islander, Gemini Syndrome and Nonpoint!!
Tickets available here: http://aurinband.com/?page_id=47


Be sure to check out Aurin's other events and get to know more info about the band via these other pages as well:






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