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As these guys prepare to perform for everyone today one the Blackstream Records Stage as part of the Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Tour in Peru, Illinois, we give you some insight behind the band. Enjoy and Get To Know..............


Give me a little history behind ATERRA TALE. Where are you from? How did you meet? How long have you been together?
We are from a small area called the Illinois Valley. It's a collection of small towns (Princeton, Peru, Oglesby, Ottawa, etc.) about 2 hours southwest of Chicago, IL. Eric and Jason had been playing together for years in various bands and Ryan had been a friend of Eric's that joined the project soon after Eric's other bands had parted ways. I (Scottie) was taking a break from another local band in the area and they asked me to come out and jam with them and then the band was formed. We have been together for just about 2 years, we are still fairly young as a band.
What is the meaning behind the name ATERRA TALE?
Originally the name "Aterra Tale" was just a name we had chosen from a list of possible names. But after choosing the name, I began associating my lyrics with a fictional world named "Aterra" and began creating stories with characters that exist in that world based on some of my own life experiences others just of pure fiction. Hence the name of our first album "Of Fact and Fiction".
How would you classify your style?
We always describe our style as Alternative Hard Rock. 
Who are your musical inspirations?
We have a lot of inspirations from many genres, but I would say our main inspirations are bands like The Used, old school Evan's Blue, Story of the Year, and Coheed and Cambria.

Have you released any albums or EP's?
Yes, we have released two full length albums. "Of Fact and Fiction" was our debut, and "In Working Order" just released this June.
What is your favorite song to perform and why?
I think our favorite song to perform is "The Villain" just because our fans get so into that song it really makes it fun for us watching them having so much fun to our music. Other favorites would probably be "Hide and Seek", "Here We Are Today", and "Little Lies and Sweet Goodbyes".
What do you want people to get from your music?
We just want people to have fun listening to our music. We aren't trying to reinvent any genres or anything. We just want to create music that is fun to listen to, easy to get into, and inspire creativity. If we can make a connection with the audience through our music and it makes them happy, then we are happy. 
What are your goals in the Music Industry?
We are very proud of the fact that we do most everything ourselves from recording to promoting and booking. So rather than hunting down a record label, we want to see how far we can take this project just with our work ethic and the driving support of our fans. That way we can keep making music our way and when we land big shows we know it's because of our work ethic and the love and support from our fans. It's a great feeling and I think our fans feel some pride too knowing they helped us get to where we are. 
What bands do you hope to tour with in the future?
We would love to tour with some of our influences such as The Used or Coheed and Cambria. Going on tour with Mindset Evolution or Three Years Hollow would be a blast too since we're all from the same area and good friends. 
What is coming up in the near future for ATERRA TALE?
We are currently trying to book our first tour for the end of August. We plan on hitting some of the east coast and then some more of the midwest region. After that we are just looking forward to doing some more shows, meeting some new bands, and getting our music out there to new audiences. We would like to do another music video soon as well since we has so much fun with the last one we did for "Little Lies and Sweet Goodbyes". And of course writing some new tunes for the third album.
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