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1. Give me a little history behind 10 INCHES BETWEEN US. Where are you from? How did you meet? How long have you been together?
We're just a bunch of Northwest Indiana gypsies. Jon Ryno and Brad 'Frog' have been road dogs for years now. Ryno and Mike "Big" Johnson worked together, Ryno mentioned he needed a b ass player and asked if Mike wanted to learn. Haven't Looked  back since. Frog brought in our original drummer, and due to personal conflict we mutually decided to find a new drummer. Tony 'Styles' Liles was discovered by Johnson during a benefit show we played.  The Ten Inch Nation has been going strong as such for about 2 years now.
2. What is the meaning behind the name 10 INCHES BETWEEN US?
 Ryno: "When we came to, we found ourselves naked in the snow, and started talking about what we should call ourselves"

Brad "Frog":  "We used to tour with the Philippino Orchestra but had to drop them because the band name  ' 1 Foot Between Us' was taken  .

 Big Johnson: " Polar Bear Plunge 2010"

Tony: I told my girlfriend there will always be ten inches between us
3. How would you classify your style?
 Its ever changing and evolving, if we had to classify it we'd say Alternative Rock with Blues overtones.
4. Who are your musical inspirations?
We don't have any specific artists that have inspired us, we try to capture our life experiences and that's how we stay true to ourselves and our fans.

5. Have you released any albums or EP's?

We've mostly been focused with our live show ,but  currently considering our recording options. You can find some live practice tracks on our ReverbNation page or on Facebook 


6. What is your favorite song to perform and why?

Ryno: I'm torn between "Yesterday" and "Bad Lov'n", I have extremely personal ties to each one.

  Frog:  "Contact", its a very relaxing jam that hits home.

 Johnson:  (Fuck Me) Stupid,  its a fun song for me to play, with a jamming beat that people can have fun with.

Tony: Epitome of Insanity, one of our newer songs. I really like the melody of it.

7. What do you want people to get from your music?
A buzz, lol. We would like for our fans to be able to connect with our songs and continue to grow with us as a band.
8. What are your goals in the Music Industry?
To quit our jobs and tour the world, and achieve our goal of World Rock Domination!
9. What bands do you hope to tour with in the future?
We loved opening up for Crobot they have a great original sound and we are always grateful to play with ambitious artists.  Black Stone Cherry, Heavens Basement, and  ZZ Ward to name a few others we'd like to tour with.  In our experience thus far we've played shows with all different genres, Death Metal, Rock, Rap, Blues, and we've found its more about coming together and giving the fans what they want, than being locked down into a genre specific show.
10. What is coming up in the near future for 10 INCHES BETWEEN US?

We are  playing a couple private shows as well as a benefit show August 10th, Vets 4 Retts poker run and Fun Fair Fundraiser at the American Legion Brunswick Post 485 in Schererville Indiana.  Be sure to check our Facebook page and Reverbnation page for details how you can rock out with us and help donate to a good cause.  We're looking for a studio to make our final push to get our album out.


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