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GEARS Interview


"Gears" What is the origin behind your band name?  

(Trip 6) GEARS is what makes a machine function, every single  GEAR needs to function to their highest capacity, if a GEAR goes weak the machine as a whole will not function effectively.


As a band we strive for perfection yet crave for feel!



With some change up of members, what brought this current line up together?  

(Trip 6) After our first lineup got dissolved , Chris Dorame (bass player) came about via Jimmy Wooten (drummer) they’ve known each other for quite some time, As for Ethan Vega (guitarist) Chris has known him for years, asked him to audition he did well and here we are.  


Can you give us a little background about yourselves? (Example: Played in other bands?)

(Trip 6) We’ve all been in a bunch of different bands.  I was most recently in Urban Rebel from here in Miami.  Jimmy has been/toured with a bunch of different bands, the most recently notable probably being SKINMASK from LA.  Chris was in Needlemouth, as well as Crawl 420 with our current guitar player Ethan.


After some unfortunate situations on your tour for the EP " Pride before the fall" are you eager to get back on the road?

(Trip 6) There hasn’t been any unfortunate situation on our last tour for our latest EP “Pride Comes Before The Fall”. Actually I feel it has been one of the best tours yet. As for getting on the road…I’m so ready!   


Are there any current plans on the books for tour dates? 

(Trip 6) Absolutely, tour dates are being scheduled and we’re planning to be on the road end of spring beginning of summer.  For more info visit www.gearsofficial.com


Can you give us a hint about a full length album?

(Trip 6) Maybe in November. 


Is the writing process a collaboration among each other for your songs ?

(Trip 6) Jimmy and I were the only ones left in GEARS when we decided to write our  latest EP “Pride Comes Before The Fall”, we had no guitarist or bass player.  Ethan and Chris joined the band after the EP was done.


 Gears  “Pride Comes Before The Fall” is a collaboration between Cory Lowery, Troy Mclawhorn, Jimmy Wooten and myself, produced and mixed by Cory Lowery.


If you had to choose one song for your EP as your favorite which would it be and why? 

(Trip 6) For me it would be “Rise with me”, that song reminds me to never stop doing what I love to do which is music.


What has been your most memorable moment of your musical career?  

(Trip 6) a collaboration I did a few yrs back with DMC from the ALL mighty RUN-DMC.


What advice would you give a young musician?

(Trip 6) PRACTICE,PRACTICE and PRACTICE!!! Stay humble and make music you love not what’s trending at the moment.

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