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Full Devil Jacket / Drowning Pool / Adrenaline Mob - 3-21-15 @ Starland Ballroom Review

**Starland Ballroom is my home away from home. I love this place and have never had any complaints. However, they did make this show a little confusing. The tickets had a 3:30 start time. I later received an email saying it was changed to 5:30. The line up consisted of Full Devil Jacket , Adrenaline Mob and Drowning Pool. Many others were added - Raftree , Commonwealth , and Brand of Jewels. There could have been others  - I'm still not exactly sure what time the show started or how many bands played. They might want to work on that...

On March 20th , the day before this show, I had read online about the passing of Adrenaline Mob's drummer A.J. Pero. I had expected to hear that this show would be cancelled. Not only did the show go on, Adrenaline Mob still performed as well. There was a change in the lineup , some surprise guests , and whole lot of emotion poured into celebrating the life of an amazing drummer. (I was lucky enough to have seen Pero perform with Twisted Sister many times.)
Full Devil Jacket - Jackson TN
I really enjoyed this band from the moment they stepped on stage. The band was really tight, and singer Josh Brown didn't miss a note. His voice was very soulful and mysterious for such a young guy. They dedicated a song to A.J. Pero and talked about the time they got to spend with him on this tour. It was a really good indicator of how the night would continue. Full Devil Jacket has a new album coming out "Valley of Bones". I'll definitely be picking this one up.
Drowning Pool - Dallas , TX
Originally Drowning Pool was to headline. With the passing of A.J. Pero the day before the show , there were some changes made to the lineup and they went on next. There have been a few changes in vocalists over the years , but Jasen Moreno had great stage presence , and could scream as good as the rest of them. All of the members of the band wore Adrenaline Mob shirts to show their support of the band and to pay tribute to A.J. Pero as well. They really interacted with the audience and put on a great show. Drowning Pool finished their set with "Bodies" and the entire audience sang along.
Adrenaline Mob -  New York, NY
I was only introduced to Adrenaline Mob recently. From time to time I would see them mentioned in MDG. On one of my last outings to F.Y.E. , I picked up their latest album "Dearly Departed". This  album consists of originals and covers , acoustic and studio recorded songs. It's a great way to see just how versatile this band can be. With the recent passing of their drummer , we all knew it was going to be an emotional night for Adrenaline Mob. It must have  been rough for them to play despite how much they were all hurting. Mike Portnoy & Chad Szeliga sat in on drums. A picture of A.J. Pero hung in front of the drum kit. They dedicated "All on the line" to Pero , while everyone tried to hold back their tears. If that wasn't emotional enough, J.J. French came out and talked about what an amazing person, friend and drummer A.J. Pero was. What could have easily been turned into a very somber and sad occasion grieving the loss of someone loved by so many,  turned out to be a fun night spent celebrating his life instead. They finished with Twisted Sister's "You Can't Stop Rock & Roll". J.J. French joined in on guitar , the members of Full Devil Jacket and Drowning Pool came on stage to sing along. It was an amazing tribute to an extremely talented person who will be missed by so many.
 -Shannon Geczik
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