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From Ashes To New - Part 1

Lancaster, Pennsylvania is the sort of town of which there are many hundred all across America: post-industrial, blue collar and, on occasion, more than a little bleak. As is so often the case though, it is in these relative backwards towns that authentic, compelling creativity truly thrives - the monotony of the landscape punctuated by brilliant flares of art. FROM ASHES TO NEW are one such flare; a thoroughly modern rock band wielding both a state-of-the-art sound and an old-as-the-hills work ethic.

Formed barely two years ago by vocalist, programmer and creative mastermind Matt Brandyberry, the sextet consists of the cream of Lancaster’s underground scene. “We have all played with each other in old bands and other projects,” explains Brandyberry. “And when those things stalled or fell apart, the guys who wanted to take things a little more seriously began to gravitate toward FATN. It all came together incredibly organically and we clicked almost instantaneously. It was a real ‘Aha!’ moment, like this was the band we should have been in all along.”

We, at MDG recently had the opportunity to speak with Chris Musser from the band and delve into one of the minds of the band. Here's what he had to say:


When will the full LP be released? What can we expect from the new release? 

We don't have a release date just yet but hopefully we can announce that soon. Our a full-length we didn't want to stray too far from the first EP was but since then I think we've all grown as song writers and musicians so hopefully that shows through on this record.


What is your favorite song to play live and why?

Right now my favorite song to play but have to be "through it all" i'm struggling through a few things in my personal life right now that just makes this song hit home for me .


Would you rather play festivals or venues?

That's a hard one, venues you get the  light show along with the music and all the flashing lights really brings the energy, and kind of helps add to the experience. But festivals have a sea of people and that really gets the adrenaline going.


What has been your favorite venue to play, to date?

Is really so many it's really hard to pick just one, The altar bar on Pittsburgh PA is an old rundown church they turn into a concert hall now is really bad ass to play, and we always have fun playing the chameleon club in our hometown Lancaster PA 


Has there been one personal experience, as a band, that made you re-evaluate yourselves as musicians. If so, what?

Our first tour of Hollywood Undead, I felt like I was a pretty strong singer but once we  got out there playing night in and night out it stared to wear on me and I started having some vocal  issues on top of allergies so I had to take a step back and figure out what I was doing wrong. Got some vocal lessons and figured out I needed to warm up better. Ever since I felt good


What are your rehearsals generally like? Do you have a set time each week, in which you practice, or are rehearsals more spontaneous?

Yeah we try to stick to the schedule, there's six of us in the band so it makes it really hard to get everyone on the same page at the same time so spontaneous usually doesn't work.


How have your fans influenced your lives?

Our fans are amazing, We do as much as we can and work as hard as we can but in the end it's because of the fans that got us where we are today. They work so hard for us and we appreciate it immensely! And it really means a lot to me and when I talk to some fans out at shows and they tell me how they used to be depressed, and our music has helped them through some rough times,  that  just means the world to me, being a  person that suffers from depression it gives me great pleasure knowing that I was able to help someone through a hard time. Because when you're down and out and suffering sometimes you just need to know others have gone  through the same thing and that somebody's there for you.


Have you ever had a difference of opinion with other bands that you have toured with?
No we got very lucky so far and every band that we have been out on tour with has been great


What band that you have toured with, has taught you the most about the music industry?

I don't know every band that we've gone out with on tour we learn something from, A little here a little bit there but nothing really stands out in my mind right now


What are you most looking forward to with the upcoming tour with FFDP, Papa Roach & In This Moment?

I'm excited for it all, I'm excited to learn what I can from these powerhouse bands that were playing with, and Papa roach that I grew up listening to! I'm excited for the crowds and getting to meet all the fans!


Look for more in the coming weeks as I will spend some time with the boys during their stopover on the Rock Allegiance Festival on October 10, 2015!!


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