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Far Beyond The Sunrise Review


Artist: Far Beyond The Sunrise
Album: Far Beyond The Sunrise (EP)
Famined Records
Release Date: May 26, 2015
Genre: Metalcore

If you want constant screaming and no clear voice you will find it here. The guitar riffs are insane and the breakdowns are solid and hard hitting. The bio states, "With, catchy, influential lyrics it's inevitable that every word will be known." NO chance, I have no idea what they are saying. 
I'm disappointed to say the least. Metalcore is not my favorite genre but I'm willing to listen and say what is on my mind about it. This, there is nothing. No emotion, no depth, just play the music and scream. Maybe that is what they are going for? Don't feel anything...

-Julie Cady

Now, most times you will not find a mixed review on MDG dot com, but while I agree that the music and vocals seem disjointed at times and the metalcore/screamo aspect gets a bit mashed up, there is potential here. Unfortunately, they just missed the mark on this one. Maybe it's just the Jersey in me that holds onto the hope that some local boys will be more, but I believe if they mature ans sculpt their brand a bit more, they will find more success. Unfortunately, this release gets thrown aside.

-D.B. (HAIC)


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