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Escape The Fate - Hate Me
Artist: Escape The Fate
Album: Hate Me
Genre: Rock
Release Date: October 30, 2015
When someone talks about any Rock artist or band, there is an underlying and ridiculous urge to place them in some category. You can't do that with Escape The Fate. I don't think it's ever been about fitting into some cliche` music genre. They just want to write genuine, raw, Escape The Fate music.
I feel they have transitioned into a harder, grittier sound for this album. Still, you can hear the pop music come through on some tracks but it feels right. This could possibly be the best Escape The Fate album to date.
Every track has more depth, more heart, and the musicality is like I've never heard before from them. This isn't about some dudes getting together and laying down tracks to get an album out as soon as possible. It's about musicians coming together and pushing each other, musically, to the very edge of greatness. The vocals of Craig Mabbitt have me entranced. The raw power that comes out is something to behold. There really is something for everyone on this album.
I like to include stand out tracks, in this case they all stand out but some of my personal favorites are...
Let Me Be-Pop Rock and a lot of fun.
Alive-The guitars. Damn, just damn.
Just A Memory-I like the layers within this song. They go deep and I believe technically, this is the best song on the album.
The Terrible Children-Moshers get ready.
My personal favorite...

Live For Today - I can see this being the most popular. Heavy guitar is always a good thing.
Final thoughts, If you are already an Escape The Fate fan you will not be disappointed and if you have never heard of them, take a chance and buy yourself some new music. Escape your fate with some Escape The Fate music. Don't be a square daddy-o!
Julie Cady
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