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Drifting Figures Release Review

A debut release for any band typically can make or break them.

Drifting Figures’ long anticipated debut release We Are is sure to provide the ear-gasms that music lovers perpetually seek.

If you're still wondering what to get the music lover in your life for Christmas, I definitely suggest grabbing a copy of this release. That’s the easiest way for me to state it.

I have already played this release enough to where I will be singing right along with Matt this Saturday night December 12, 2015 at their debut show @ Architekt Studios in Butler, NJ. I have included a number of tracks into various playlists whether they be in my workout or mellow playlists. Drifting Figures provide the fuel that will certainly keep your fire burning for quite some time.

Without going into each of the 8 tracks, I’ll just touch on a few of the standouts for me.

DF open with a chunky feel and Matt’s vocals just take hold and do not let go for 4:13 with Already Gone.

At the Edge shows just how a range of emotion can be expressed musically. Don’t be surprised if your girl forgets that you’re even there as she’ll be too transfixed on the band to notice your presence.

The band’s debut single Stranger is a powerhouse in itself and will ensure that Drifting Figures are anything but strangers to the music scene. There is not just a message being sent but a form of musical story telling that will take us all back in time to a period to which many can relate.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that these are the only standouts of this release because if you fail to listen to the others, the only person you’re holding out on is yourself. There really is not a song on the release that I do not like. I just can’t allow myself to reveal all or else you would have nothing to be surprised with.Trust me. You will be pleasantly surprised with the entire product.

The melodies will initially take hold of you and the harmonies just continue to carry you through the entire release.

Though this is their first effort, it’s polished with veteran finesse by Matt Simon and Zack Kenworthy, who both hail from previous projects. Pulsing through Simon and Kenworthy’s writing are hypnotizing melodic hooks framed in kinetic but carefully crafted guitar riffs. Each song toggles between eerie darkness and brighter relief, sparking a clash of driving energy and transfixing tones, similar to Sevendust, Incubus, or RED. “Stranger,” the first single from “We Are,” oozes with this phantom feel that pours out from the whole album. A revealing sample of what’s on deck, it straddles ethereal tones and an explosive chorus.

Further framing their sound is the handy guitar work of Jake Raynor.  Shane Stanton (drums) and Kurt Wubbenhorst (bass) complement Drifting Figures’ aggressive engine with tasteful percussion that fuels each song without overpowering them.

The EP radiates with a signature sound, but sits comfortably in the center of your radio dial. In a strong initial showing, Drifting Figures pull out of the shadows with intelligent songwriting that lends itself to mass appeal, a rare feat in today’s music scene.

“We’re attracted to songs that haunt us. It’s a welcome haunting, though we aren’t sure why. We just know that well-crafted songs are built to stick with us, and are seemingly built with a steadier hand than our own. We find ourselves enveloped in the rare power that comes with lyrical, melodic, and instrumental balance. Striking with this mesmerizing electricity is Drifting Figures debut EP “We Are...””

Come out Saturday night for the show and the band have also invited all to join them for a post show meet & greet at Thatcher McGhee's (6 Wanaque Avenue, Pompton Lakes, NJ 07442).

Tickets to the show are only $10 advance or at the door.

For more information, contact KateEHensler@gmail.com or log onto www.driftingfigures.com.


Twitter: @driftingfigures

Instagram: Driftingfiguresband

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