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Concepts - Transitions


From time to time in this industry, we manage to stumble upon some hidden gems. Sometimes those gems find us through their publicists. Well.......I want to thank Jesse Lea from High Road Publicity for turning me onto Concepts.

The first I ever heard from these guys was a cover they did for the hell of it of Maroon 5's "Animals". I have to say that I wasn't very familiar with Maroon 5 but once I heard Concept's rendition, I knew the song and can say with absolute sincerity that Concept's version needs to be the one receiving the airplay.

After hearing this rendition, I was left wanting more and Concepts have delivered in the form of their latest EP  entitled Transitions.

There is not one single song of the 5 that I could consider to be simply filler. From beginning to end, this is quite simply about 22 minutes of near perfection for anyone that seeks either an injection of or an outlet for adrenaline in the form of a perfect mix of aggressive and melodic vocals, heavy riffs  and punishing percussion.

I will refuse to label these guys by comparing them to anyone else in the metal / metalcore categories because they've already surpassed the talent of those that they have shared the stage with. If you consider that to be a dig to those bands, so be it. These guys ARE that much better and I personally look forward to seeing them on a major festival sometime very soon. If they're not there, the festival promoters are victimizing the attendees.

 Get your copy now while you can.



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