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9:30 AM
Central New Jersey Storm Warning!! This storm is causing Dead Fish to (hand)Shake

I'm issuing a rock and metal Storm warning for the Central New Jersey area expected to make landfall on Saturday evening April 5th. My metal doppler is FAR better than the Weather Channel or your local news because I'm going to tell you EXACTLY where this storm will hit and when. This sucker's going to blow the roof off of the Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ Saturday night when the Brooks brothers make their Starland Ballroom debut along with Starland favorites Dead Fish Handshake as they join up with Scott Stapp (formerly of Creed).


A full MDG contingent will be in attendance including our Midwest Representatives. Tickets are only $25 in advance and can be obtained through the guys in Dead Fish Handshake on Facebook or you can use the link provided in the event poster/post further in our newsfeed.


Want a taste of what you'll see? Check out the shots taken from Like A Storm's performance earlier this week at the Machine Shop in Flint, MI. Shots taken by Lauren Rae.


The link above leads tot he Like A Storm photo album or just click on Photo Albums in our menu bar and select Like A Storm under Concert photos on the top right under Categories/Sections.

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