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Blessing A Curse go "Down The Rabbit Hole" in New Music Video‏


Orlando hard rock act Blessing A Curse has released a music video for their song "Down The Rabbit Hole". The plot follows a murderous villain whose face is concealed by a creepy bunny mask and ends with quite a twist. The video originally premiered with Revolver.

Vocalist Joshy Singer said, “The song itself is about me rejoining Blessing a Curse after parting ways with the band for a year and struggling with depression after my dad passed away. The video symbolizes how sometimes you have to fight your toughest battles on your own in order to find the true friends who will stick by you through your darkest times, even in spite of the pain you’ve caused them.”

Watch "Down The Rabbit Hole"

About Blessing A Curse:

Blessing A Curse is a hard rock band from Orlando, Florida with a sound made up of intricate riffs, progressive drums, electronic production, eerie as well as appealing/intense vocals, and an eclectic style of screaming. They have made a mark with catchy melodies not usually combined with their heavier style. Though they project a primarily vindictive persona, they have an extensive style that shows a strong motivation for growth. Blessing A Curse is sure to leave the listener needing more.

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