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9:06 AM
Battle of the Bands Youtube Band Video Contest
Okay all......our boys in Statik Silence have had their debut video for When Its Over entered into the 10,000 Battle of the Bands Youtube Video contest sponsored by Alto Music.

Let's help them out by voting each day from now through April 10, 2014. Get over there and vote! They've got bands that have their fans registering 17 different accounts to vote. Talk about running like scared little bitches.!!

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1 Daryn • 9:44 AM, 2014-03-21 [Entry]
Update........Statik Silence has taken the lead but we can't stop now. If you like REAL music rather than sloppy garbage posing as music, you MUST vote Statik and Silence the poseurs that think they deserve 10k worth of gear.

This is a contest where you've basically got someone like Freddy Mercury's vocally challenged half cousin trying to cover Led Zeppelin or Jay from Jay & Silent Bob trying to be Snoop Dog/Jay-Z vs. crisp, clean music by our brothers in Statik Silence.