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Another Perfect Storm


January 14, 2015

As we welcomed in the new year, Ben Draiman and his new project known collectively as Another Perfect Storm debuted the first single that coincidentally happened to be the title track from their self titled debut album due to hit stores in less than twenty four hours on January 15, 2015.

I can now tell you as I have had the opportunity to check out the new album and this is 11 songs of just what the title says..........Another Perfect Storm. This endeavor is full of adrenaline driven guitar or emotionally geared vocals that will leave you nearly in tears. This is an album made from the purest of origins. Whether you are a music afficianado, a musician or just someone that appreciates great music, be prepared to be taken on an emotional roller coaster. 

It is widely known in life and in the industry that the best material for any project involving music comes from personal life experiences. The life experiences of Ben Draiman and company have certainly provided the necessary energy and motivation that cumulatively amount to Another Perfect Storm.

What kind of storm is more powerful than one derived from pure emotion? Each year, meteorologists make their predictions on the severity of any given storm season or storm systems. I am giving my prediction that Another Perfect Storm will rate F-6 on the Fujita scale. This truly is a highly powerful and emotional mix of melodic rock.

Ben and company make us think about The
Way We Live with the album's opening track as you dont know what you can't really understand. Think about that for a moment. This whole album should make the listener think for more than just a moment.

One of my personal favorite tracks is  Really Want To. From the first notes, this is a journey for the senses. From the percussion to what seems to be a string section on the keys to Ben's vocals, this is one powerful track. Sit back, close your eyes and I guarantee that if you do more than just hear the song, you will be transported on a journey of the senses and you will feel a sense of urgency of not just wanting but needing to have something or someone.

Too many times do we find ourselves merely throwing a new album on or a CD in for a drive and manage to lose the message behind the music. If you take the time to actually hear the message and the emotion behind this release, you can and will be transported back to a time in which we can all relate in our own ways to virtually every track on this album. Can you handle the storm?

This storm hits shelves tomorrow. You can get your copy NOW by visiting http://www.bendraiman.com/store and selecting which medium you wish to receive whether it be an autographed physical CD, a regular CD to be played endlessly on repeat or even a digital download. Order now!

I suggest that you keep an eye out for Ben Draiman and Another Perfect Storm!! Also, keep watch here for the announcement of when you can tune in to the MDG All Access Pass so that you can hear the man behind Another Perfect Storm tell you himself about the journey taken to bring forth such a powerful experience.

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