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An Evening With Michael Shaw - This Is It

Michael Shaw


Artist: Michael Shaw
Album: An Intimate Evening With Michael Shaw This Is It
Genre: Retro Pop

Michael Shaw has been a fixture on the San Francisco rock scene for more than two decades. Writing and performing songs with his younger brother in bands, like, Petrol and the Aktion.  Shaw is now stepping out and doing his own thing. Michael Shaw stated, "Being in Bands is great for camaraderie, but meant compromising some of my beliefs about pop music." This album allowed him to create an undiluted expression of his musical ideas.
During recording Shaw came together with two longtime collaborators, Bassist Colin Schlitt and Drummer Kenny Hard, and a dynamic new guitar player Eli Nelson. 
Immediately from the first song, "Floating Away" I picked up a Beatles vibe within the music. It really put me in a positive state of mind for the rest of the album.  It's intimate, revealing, and emotional. An album to sit back and let go with. Brilliant from beginning to end. The Piano intro for, "Hey" is somewhat haunting and mysterious. I enjoyed the Beach Boy's type guitar playing as well. It's very similar to their playing but different in a very good way. The music is so well written and the mixing is just enough.  
I'm loving Michael Shaw and this album. This gives me hope for pop music. I really did just say that. 
Julie Cady
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