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Amenize Release 'Black Sky' Guitar Playthrough

Amenize Album Art

Amenize Release 'Black Sky' Guitar Playthrough

São Paulo, Brazil) - Metal band Amenize have released a brand new guitar playthrough for their latest single "Black Sky" featuring guitarist Marcelo Brain and bassist Ricardo Strani. The single comes off their sophomore album, Black Sky which dropped on October 15th. Check the playthrough below and be sure to purchase "Black Sky" on iTunes.

"For all the music nerds out there (like ourselves) we're releasing our first guitar & bass playthrough of the title song 'Black Sky'. As a progressive metal band, I think it's very cool for the fans to see how the song is actually played. Hope everyone enjoys it." -Guitarist, Marcelo Brain

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About Amenize:

“In 2010, Bruno Corey (Singer) invited the guitarist Kaue Vaz, his longtime friend, to make a sound that would express all their creativity through the weight of Metal. After the invitation of Nicola Tommasini to take the sticks, Amenize was born.

Soon after the replacement of Kaue Vaz by current guitarist bRain, the journey to build the CD When Angels Turn Into Demons began. In this first original work of the band, the story of a former elite soldier, who survived the horror of war and struggles to contain his own fears and delusions, is told.

In 2014, Nicola left the band, leaving the drummer’s place for Danilo Cruz (Ex-Esylium). The first bass player to fully join the band will soon have his name released.

With a heavy and consistent show, Amenize stands out for its amazing music that merges anger and killers riffs with melodies that can touch souls.
Currently, the group is in the studio recording his new album entitled Black Sky, which will be released through the Eternal Hatred Records."

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