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All That Remains - The Order of Things

We're one week to the day from the release of the latest offering from All That Remains. I have had the pleasure to check out this latest release.

The Order of Things begins with the mellow piano intro of This Probably Won't End Well, a solid look into relationship hardships that sets a tone for the journey that each listener is about to embark on.


No Knock is among their heaviest offerings to date, while a little later they give an offering that is undoubtedly their most touching ballad to date as well. This ability to cross spectrums is found in For You.

Divide delivers melodies that transform into sheer energy. The Greatest Generation is a nod to those that built this country with a hook that won’t quit filled with the harmony that such a dedication so wholly deserves. A Reason for Me to Fight is a vow from the heart and the passion from within truly shines through.

Victory Lap offers a perfect mix of harmonious vocals and the guttural screams along with exceptional guitar work that fans have always enjoyed throughout the years. Pernicious is quite simply driven and meant to provide a roller coaster of adrenaline levels. It absolutely meets whatever level the guys were hoping to reach.

The intro for Bite My Tongue is a pit dweller’s dream come true with electrifying riffs and a furious beat that is sure to keep someone moving as if they’ve been injected with epinephrine just when their energy is about to crash. In order to keep the dwellers healthy, there is a cool down period before getting back to the driving force that we so desire.

Fiat Empire will not be cast aside as simply another fusion of harmony and metalcore but rather takes the listener to the edge of a chasm that is as deep and unrelenting as the furious fretwork that lives within this anthem before pulling them back again.

Tru-Kvlt-Metal is the proverbial bitch slap that we've been wanting to give to the face of the haters and doubters for ages. Another pit anthem in my humble opinion. ATR fans will be searching for doubters and will be left to ask Who’s Left? and finding none.

Criticism and Self Realization brings the album to an epic 7 minute end as it returns to the beginning with piano and once again showcases exactly what All That Remains are made of.


All That Remains have consistently delivered quality hard rock with each release. The Order of Things is, in my opinion, their best to date. It showcases all of their strengths while fortifying their place as a penultimate contender for top acclaim while continuing to evolve with each album. It's got melody and metal, merging together in a manner that's as brutal as it is filled with emotion.


The Order of Things is driven by the guitar acrobatics of Mike Martin and Oli Herbet that is a work of blazing yet beautiful fretwork that continues to prove just how unmistakably underrated these two are, driving & airtight drumming from Jason Costa and the pounding bass of Jeanne Sagan while Phil Labonte ignites a 5 alarm blaze, while painting a lyrical masterpiece.

There is no doubt in my mind that The Order of Things will undoubtedly vie for Best Metal Album of the Year. I, for one, will be found in one of two locations on this tour. Front row center or I’ll be the long haired animal driving the fury in the pit.

Come join me if you've got what it takes.

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